Analyzing Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare

Analyzing Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare

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Analyzing Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare

This play is about two star-crossed lovers caught in a family feud.
Act 5 scenes 3 Romeo has come to commit suicide and be with Juliet but
she isn't in actuality dead and Paris has come to lay flowers and
perfumed water. She wakes up to see Romeo and Paris dead commits
suicide to. It is the big dramatic climax of the whole play. It is
dramatically important because of the setting and the language of the
characters witch this essay will demonstrate.

The setting makes the scene dramatic for the reason that it is dark
cold and it's a graveyard. Romeo is there with his Page. There is a
need to put the torch out

"Give me thy torch boy hence and stand aloof. Yet put it out for I
would not be seen."

Because Romeo isn't authorized to be in the graveyard or even the town
because he has been banished which gives an element of secrecy, which
for the audience creates anxiety. As it is a graveyard there is a grim
dark atmosphere.

Inside Romeo meets Paris its murky and gloomy. When Romeo and Paris
fight and then Romeo kills Paris it has a dramatic effect on the
audience. Inside the vault is where the whole of the members of the
Capulet family go to be buried. The setting in the vault is grim and

The language of the characters portrays the thoughts and feelings of
them in the final scene Paris at first speaks in a sonnet for which
gives a sense of ritual.

"Sweet flower, with flowers thy bridal bead I strew-

O woe, thy canopy is dust and stones-

Which with sweet water nightly I will drew"

Paris is laying flat on the ground, which shows he is trying to avoid
detection. His Page says aside

"I am almost afraid to stand alone here in the church yard, yet I will

Romeo in contrast is not afraid in the slightest.

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He is very
determined to get into the vault to see Juliet. He shows his violent
behaviour when he smashes the vault door. When Paris confronts Romeo
he doesn't want to fight him he thinks Romeo has come to vandalise the
vault and says

"Stop thy unhallowed toil, vile Montague! Can vengeance be perused
further than death"

Romeo and Paris fight. When Paris is stabbed he says

"O I am slain! If though be merciful, open the tomb; lay me will

He replies in faith I will which shows his maturity and then he
leaves. In Romeo's long soliloquy he compares Juliet to being a light
or a lantern

"Her beauty makes this vault a fisting presence full of light."

When Romeo first set eyes up on Juliet he compared her to teaching the
torches to burn bright. For the audience this is very moving and a
great deal of pity and sympathy is felt for Romeo.

Panic and fear is brought upon friar Lawrence's entrance he says have
my feet stumbled on graves! Which is thought to be a bad omen. When
Juliet wakes she refers to the friar as comforting .At this point she
seems confused and asks for her lord. Friar Lawrence speaks with
urgency he says I dare not stay and leaves. Juliet is being reasoned
and decisive in contrast to Romeo who is rash and reckless.

All though Romeo and Juliet die this stops the family feud and it
isn't so bad for the audience and the deaths do not seem pointless.
This scene is tragic because Juliet woke up moments after Romeo had
arrived. The lovers are victims of circumstances such as they are from
two feuding families and all the odd were against them.

The final scene is dramatically important because it is the climax of
the whole play. Romeo and Juliet die to be together.
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