Thankful To Be Alive - Fictional Writing

Thankful To Be Alive - Fictional Writing

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Thankful To Be Alive - Fictional Writing Gasping and out of breath I pushed through the hedges. A wave of
relief swept over me, as I looked onward and saw my destination. It
seemed to be only a couple of hundred feet away now. Only a few feet
behind me followed my cousin Richard, I could hear him grunt and groan
as the thorns viciously attacked his arms and legs. Large white
blotches had appeared all over his body where the nettles had pierced
his fragile flesh. My legs were soaked in blood from where I had torn
free a thorn that had lodged itself above my knee. The wound was
jagged and uneven. I wanted desperately to scratch it, but knew that
if I did I would only make it worse.

We walked through the forested area for about an hour and a half. The
suns intensity was starting to take affect and I could feel several
beads of sweat forming on my forehead and running off my nose before
falling to the ground. My eyes were sore and very strained from
squinting to protect my eyes from the sun's blinding rays. Ricky's
skin was starting to burn and peel. His unusually fair skin had now
turned red and painful looking. He had taken off his t-shirt and had
wrapped it around his waist, tucking the sleeves into his shorts to
insure that he did not drop it. His pale legs had been exposed to the
harshness of the sun and had also started to burn.

We walked for what seemed like forever in through the dense hedge
growth, but still seemed to be getting nowhere, but it didn't matter,
we had all-day, and it was only about mid-day. After about two hours
of solid hiking we came to a large clearing.

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We decided that we should
make a 'pit stop' and dehydrate ourselves after the long, arduous
walk. We both folded our t-shirts and laid them on the ground as a
sort of pillow for us to sit on. I sat down and studied the
surroundings while Rickey tried to lie down to get some rest for ten
minutes. In front of me was a cliff like drop, at the bottom of which,
I could see large boulders dotted along the ground, from this height
they looked like pinheads, but I had seen them earlier and knew that
they were really a lot larger than what they seemed from here. Just in
front of the boulders was a pond, at the side of which I could just
make out my fathers car, parked on the other side. I was tempted to
stand up and wave to him but realised that he would probably not be
able to see me. Behind me was a thick layer of dense hedge growth, the
canopy of which reached up to the skies; I didn't even dare to
estimate how high they were. After ten minutes I decided to give in
and lay down beside Ricky and tried to get some rest. It wasn't long
before I fell into a deep sleep.

When I awoke the sun was still high in the sky. I looked at my watch.
I had been asleep for just over forty-five minutes. I saw Richard out
of the corner of my eye. He was awake and was sitting upright looking
through the backpack I hade brought with me. Without saying anything
to me he looked over to me and pulled my hunting knife out of my bag.
After a few seconds, I nodded in recognition, and he took it out of
its sheath. The knife glimmered in the light. The perfectly polished
blade reflected the suns rays like a freshly cut diamond. He sat there
looking at it for a while, holding it in one hand. He flicked the
knife up in the air and caught it again with the other hand. I laughed
at him and shook my head. As I rolled over to go back to sleep I
muttered to myself,' Little amuses the simple.' I lay down with my
back to him and went back to sleep.

I was awoken by a deep, pained, shrill scream. Quickly I jumped to my
feet not expecting what to see. I turned and looked to Rickey, he lay
beside he clutching his bleeding hand, fists clenched tight and held
close to his torso. He rocked back and forwards, whimpering. The knife
was nowhere to be seen. I sat down beside him and told him to let me
see his hand. After a minute he held out his bleeding hand and turned
his head away from me. I slowly pried open his fingers to get a better
look at the wound. As I eased his fingers open the blood spilled off
his palm and onto the ground. Using his t-shirt I cleaned away the
blood and looked at the wound. It was clean and, fortunately not very
deep, but no doubt it was excruciatingly painful. I reached into my
bag and pulled out some large square plasters. He squirmed vigorously
as I put the plaster on his hand. I told him that he was going to have
to stay still of he was just going to hurt himself even more. He
grinded his teeth together, and let out a tortured, low pitch growl,
as I cleaned the wound for a second time before applying the plaster.
His white t-shirt was now heavily soaked in red, sticky blood.

After only ten minutes, he was eager to get back to the car, he stood
shakily before me and begged me to go back with him. Having no choice
I agreed. I started to pack all the stuff back into my bag that he had
pulled out when going through it, when I came across the empty sheath.
I scanned the ground for my knife. When I couldn't find it I became
enraged and searched frantically through the bag, and the area around
there he was sitting. Furious I turned to him and demanded that he
tell me where my knife was. Slowly and sheepishly he raised his hand
and pointed towards the edge of the cliff like drop snarled at him and
walked to the edge of the drop. To my surprise I could see the knife,
and it wasn't very far down. The knife had become lodges upon one of
the many tree roots that protruded through the face of the drop. I
sighed with relief suddenly felt a lot calmer. I smiled at Rickey and
told his that it was ok, and that I could probably reach it with his
help. He was eager to help; he just wanted to get back to the car. It
was getting darker and it wasn't as warm now.

Slowly I lay down on my stomach and reached for the knife, it was
further down than I had first thought. I called over Rickey and told
him to take a hold of my ankles so I could lean over farther. He
gripped my right ankle but said that his left hand was too sore to
grab my other ankle. In a sympathetic and soothing voice I told him to
just hold on as best he could, he smiled and agreed. I slowly lowered
myself over the edge. I used my hands to grip at the soil, however it
was very loose. Suddenly and without warning the soil beneath me give
way, I was sent hurtling down the face of the drop. I flew head over
heels, my whole world spinning around me. My right hand collided with
something solid. Instinctively I grabbed it and with all my strength
held on for dear life! My shoulder ached and throbbed with pain. Blood
flowed from a wide gash on my forehead. The blood ran into my eyes,
forcing them to blink uncontrollably.

I looked up and searched for Rickey, but could not see him. I reached
up with my left hand and took a hold of the root. I slowly lowered my
head and rested it on the loose, dry soil. I took a deep breath and
tried to kick my feet into the soil to relieve the strain on my hands.
My forearms throbbed with pain and fatigue. I tried to scream to
Rickey but when I opened my mouth nothing came out. My body shivered
all over, I was scared of dying and felt like I was all-alone.
Suddenly I heard a scratching above my head. I looked up, to see
Richard standing at the top of the drop holding a large branch and
screaming for me to grab it. Deep inside I smiled and felt like I was
safe again, but I was far from it. I reached up and took hold of the
branch. Large splinters slowly pierced my skin as my hands slid down
the branch. I screamed at him to pull me up. Without hesitation he
pulled with all his might. I kicked at the soil with my feet and tried
to help, but the soil just gave way from beneath my feet. All of a
sudden I was showered with a mixture of soil and stones. I closed my
mouth but the soil had already got in. I tried to swallow but my mouth
was full of soil. I turned my head to the side, to protect my eyes and
face. Suddenly I realised that I was falling again. I was sliding
slowly down the sloped on my stomach. I looked all about me for
something to grab, to my right I saw a large root. I reached out and
took a hold of it. Before I knew what was happening, I felt a tugging
at my ankles. Ricky had fallen and had sent soil hurtling down before
him. He had grabbed my ankles on order to break his fall and was not
clinging onto me. He was yelling at me to help him. My shoulders were
really sore and my hands were bleeding. My t-shirt was torn and
covered in blood from the gashes on my stomach that I had received
while sliding down the slope. I reached up and took a good hold of the
root with one hand and with the other I grabbed Richard's hand and
pulled him up to my level. He also took a hold of the root, and tried
to steady himself.

We were both short of breath and starting to panic. I put my head down
and took a few deep breaths. Suddenly something caught my attention
out of the corner of my eye. The root I was holding onto was the same
root that my knife had become lodged to! I quickly took a hold of it
with my right hand and with a stabbing action lodged it into the
ground. It held! I sighed and smiled at Richard. Using the knife, I
pulled myself up the face of the drop. As I neared the top I was
starting to get tired. I stabbed the knife into she soil; I hit a
stone and the knife slammed to an unsuspected halt. My hand slid down
the knife handle and onto the blade. The pain rushed through my body
but I did not let go of the knife. I screamed in pain and felt my eyes
starting to well up. I knew that if I let go I might never get up. I
ignored the pain in my hand and continued on as best I could. I
stopped every time I got to a new root that was strong enough to
support my weight, and helped Richard up. After what seemed like an
eternity, we reached the top. Careful not to fall back down I helped
Ricky over the edge and lay on the clearing gasping for air. We were
both soaked in blood and were covered in soil, but we were just
thankful to be alive!
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