Hitler as a Totalitarian Dictator

Hitler as a Totalitarian Dictator

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Hitler as a Totalitarian Dictator Totalitarian dictator means when a person is
in total control over other people's lives. By this a person rules a
person in every way, at the start it may just be small things but then
it goes too much bigger things like, if they were going to vote for a
certain political party. In other words they can have an influence on
the views they might have had on some issues.

In 1919 after the Treaty of Versailles, the Weimar Republic was in a
serious economic problem. This was due to the fact that they had just
paid out a huge sum in reparations to France. Gustaf Strasemen was the
man who was trying to make everything back to normal, but in 1929 he
died, this was Hitler's big chance to get into power. Hitler took
advantage of Strasemen's death and in 1933 he became chancellor of
Germany by Hindenburg. When Hitler first planned his takeover of
Germany he brought in something called the 'enabling act'. This law
meant that Hitler could bring in any law he wanted. This eliminated
opposition because now he was able to defeat other political parties.
This gave Hitler total control because he could make any law he wanted
without needing any support from opposition or other political

There were other political parties at the beginning, but because of
the enabling act Hitler eventually banned all the other parties, so
there was nobody to vote against him. The way this eliminated
opposition because there was no other political parties. This gave him
total control because now he could make any law he wanted to without
any party disagreeing or voting against him.

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At the time in Germany there was German government building called the
'Reichstag'. In 1933 the Reichstag building was burnt down. Only one
person was appeared to be responsible, straight away Hitler blamed the
communists for the fire of the building. This eliminated opposition
because the people/voters now thought that the communists were bad, so
now it made the Nazi's look good. This now gave Hitler total control
because the communists were out of the way so it was more than likely
that Hitler was going to get more than 50% of the votes in the

In 1934 the night of the long knives took place. The thing that Hitler
did was that all of the opposing SA leaders were killed. So this
eliminated opposition because there were no more expectations to take
money from the rich. This gave Hitler total control because people
were so terrified of Hitler, no matter what his ideas or thoughts were
no one would disagree with him because they were so scared of him.
These were brutal methods, which showed Hitler's authority to nothing
was going to stand in his way.

The key methods, which Hitler used when he was in power, were the 'use
of terror'. Hitler had a police state they were called the SS and the
Gestapo. The Gestapo job was to go undercover around the towns and
streets and if any person said something against Hitler the Gestapo
would take them away secretly and kill them. This eliminated
opposition because Hitler was putting fear into people's minds, so
that they wouldn't dare vote against Hitler and to make sure that they
voted for him. So this gave Hitler total control because Hitler was
now even turning families against each other because parents and
children would even report their own family if they were speaking
against Hitler.

In 1933 when Hitler became Chancellor of Germany he was determined to
make life as difficult as possible for the Jews. He ordered the SA to
make sure no one went into any of the Jewish shops. German people were
ordered to stop using Jewish lawyers, doctors. Doctors were only
allowed to treat Jewish people because they were the only people
allowed to go to Jewish doctors. Hitler in a way was very jealous of
the Jews because of all of their success. Hitler saw the Jewish people
a threat to him so by turning (brainwashing) the German people against
the Jews people would hate the Jews and agree with Hitler. Hitler had
also denied them any social activities like swimming baths Jews were
banned from using them. This gave Hitler control because he had to no
longer worry about Jews being a threat. A Nuremberg law was passed
which made it illegal for Jews to marry non-Jews, or even to sexual
intercourse with a non- Jew. Hitler believed in something called the
Aryan race (perfect). German people with blonde hair and blue were an
example of the Aryan race. Hitler thought that the Jewish people would
destroy that. Hitler absolutely hated minority groups such as gypsies,
vagrants, mentally ill, blacks and homosexuals. To get rid of them he
sent them to concentration camps and use target them. This eliminated
opposition because Hitler didn't hang about he used the direct
approach by sending them into camps, so it got rid of opposition
because he thought other parties would believed in the Aryan race.
This gave Hitler total control because he could now easily get rid of
the minority groups, which he didn't like.

Hitler slogans (propaganda and censorship). He told lies to people to
make the people think that what Hitler thought was bad, they thought
it was bad. This eliminated opposition because the German people
believed him and agreed with everything that he didn't like, e.g. if
he told the people that the opposition party to Hitler was bad the
people would believe Hitler. This gave Hitler total control because he
could easily get his thoughts out in the open and people would always
agree him. These were subtle methods because in every poster he would
always be bigger than the rest of the people in it. Hitler was always
wearing his general suit, so to the people it seems like he his
powerful, so he used vindictive methods to at least get his message
out to the people.

Hitler spread the propaganda by the use of radio and cinema. What he
did was make radios very cheap so that each house could have one so
they could always listen to Hitler. This eliminated opposition because
he could now get his views across to people much quicker than his
opposing parties. This gave Hitler total control because he could get
through to the people quicker than his opposition could get to them.
Hitler being on the radio meant that Hitler could be very persuasive
in how he gets his message across to the people, because this meant
that he say his message in a very persuasive way, to make the people
believe it.

Hitler got people on his side by using something called 'Nazi image'.
What he did was make being a Nazi cool and fashionable and if you were
a Nazi you would look the business, people saw it as being cool and
groovy. This eliminated opposition because they were now seen as a
fashionable party unlike the other parties. This gave Hitler total
control because people now looked, as the Nazi party as a symbol of
fashion and the other countries were to be a victim of fashion. This
would make Hitler to seem that he is stylish, so business would accept
the advice Hitler gave in promoting the Nazi image.

Fashion may have been important but it was no way near as important as
education was Hitler views. Hitler thought that if he could get the
youth of Germany behind him he had already won part of the battle for
getting the public behind him. In education Hitler made sure that the
master race children (German) were taught separately and away from the
other children (Jewish), this was even carried out in nursery schools.
Hitler thought that children were brought up to believe minority
groups such as Jews and gypsies were bad. This eliminated opposition
because there was no educational minister and Hitler would of anyway
made a law in the enabling act. Hitler was very vindictive in making
the children believe that Jews were bad. This is because Hitler taught
the German children at a very young age that Jews were bad, so when
they grow up they will always think that Jews are bad no matter what
anyone else says. This was a subtle method because Hitler didn't use
any great force, he just brainwashed the children in believing the
Jews were bad.

One of the main factors in which we could see that Hitler's was in
total control was when he even had the Church's backing. What I mean
to say is Hitler persuaded the church into being on his side, or he
even used subtle methods such as killing those who did not back him.
This eliminated opposition because no one could argue against the
church's decision. This gave Hitler total control because he know had
done everything into making the people believe that he was a good
leader so even the church people would back him because he had total
control on what goes in the church.

So in conclusion I think that Hitler fully achieved being a
totalitarian dictator, because he did change people views on the other
political parties, so they would vote for him. Hitler had to use a lot
of brutal methods on his way to become Chancellor; this meant killing
people who didn't support him, even other government members. But in
my views the key factor was Hitler the subtle methods, because these
methods were very brainwashing and persuasive. This is because if
Hitler told people certain things they would believe; because Hitler
would make sure they cant think otherwise. One of Hitler's key factors
was probably the children who are still at school, because it was
absolutely vital that Hitler made the children believe that the Jews
were trouble, because they were probably too young to understand
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