Lenin and the Bolsheviks Replacing the Provisional Government as Leaders of Russia by November 1917

Lenin and the Bolsheviks Replacing the Provisional Government as Leaders of Russia by November 1917

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Lenin and the Bolsheviks Replacing the Provisional Government as Leaders of Russia by November 1917

The provisional government had dealed with the issues of war and land
very ineffectively, which helped The Bolsheviks greatly in seizing
power. They would not give the peasants the land which they had
wanted, and expected when the Tsar was overthrown. War continued,
despite the majority of Russia wanting it to end. Food and fuel
shortages continued, and although no-one wanted to surrender to
Germany, most people felt that it was time to give in, and give up.
However, the provisional government wanted to keep the allies, and not
break away before the war had ended; this showed peasants that the
Provisional government were not considering the state of the country,
or the conditions of the peasants, and that they did not care. John
Reed, an American journalist described the situation in Petrograd in
'Ten days that shook the world':

"Week by week,food became scarcer.The daily allowance of bread

fell... Towards the end there was a whole week without bread at all.

Sugar one was entitled to at the rate of two pounds per month - if

one could get it at all, which was seldom... There was milk for half

the babies in the city; most hotels and private houses never saw

it for months. For milk and tobacco one had to stand in a queue

long hours in the chill rain"

Peasants wanted land, food, and peace, exactly what the Bolsheviks had
been promising to bring them. This put the Bolsheviks in a good
position to get a lot more support.

The Russian army had suffered from shortages, many were dying, and
many Russians had lost family to the war already. Many units were
ready to back the Bolsheviks, and the Military Revolutionary Comittee
would help to co - ordinate troops and organise a revolution. Even the
units that disapproved would not act against the soviets.

Alexander Kerensky became Prime Minister of the provisional
government, and was at once faced with a challenge, as the commander -

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in - chief of the armies, General Kornilov planned to get rid of the
Petrograd Soviet, and take control of the provisional government.
Kornilov's rebel troops were some of the best in Russia, and as
Kerensky had few loyal troops to defend him, it seemed that Kornilov's
revolt would easily succeed. However, Kerensky decided to allow the
Bolsheviks to set up a defence force, called to Red Gaurds, to help
defend his position, the provisional government, and the Petrograd
Soviet. The Bolsheviks came out of the Kornilov Revolt as heros. They
had saved the provisional government, proving that they were not
German agents. The Bolsheviks also came out of it as an armed and
disciplined fighting force.

The Kornliov Revolt had been helped the Bolsheviks gain followers, and
support.They had proven that they were loyal to Russia, and could be
trusted, also that they were strong, as the provisional government had
needed their help. The Bolshevik's position was strengthened even
further as they received a majority vote in elections for the soviets
of Moscow and other big cities. This is proof that more people were
now supporting the Bolsheviks, this put them in a good position, and
by October 1917 they were ready to consider carrying out a second
revolution, and seize power, due to the events of the past months, the
struggling provisional government, and the growing popularity for the
Bolsheviks, this time the chances of success looked good.

In conclusion, I think that the reasons why Lenin and the Bolsheviks
replaced the provisional government as leaders of Russia in November
1917 are: The provisional government were weak, and making the wrong
decisions. The Bolsheviks and Lenin had always planned on starting a
revolution and the time was right in November 1917, as has been
explained. The Kornilov revolt helped the Bolsheviks gain a lot of
power and trust. Rations were getting worse, and the war needed to
end. All these are important reasons as to why Lenin and the
Bolsheviks replaced the Provisional Government in November 1917. It
was what the peasants, the workers, the army and the Bolsheviks were
ready for, and the government were not ready to resist them.
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