Haji: Arabic Word for Pilgrimage

Haji: Arabic Word for Pilgrimage

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Haji: Arabic Word for Pilgrimage

Hajj is the Arabic word for pilgrimage and pilgrimage means a special
journey of a religious significance. The word Hajj is to set out with
a definite purpose and Hajj is the fifth pillar of Islam. The five
pillars of Islam are: Shahadah which is statement of belief, Sawm - is
fasting during Ramadi, Salah prayer five times a day which is
communicating with Allah. Zakat charitable giving and the fifth pillar
of Islam is Hajj which is pilgrimage to Makkah.

Hajj is held every year. Muslims have to go on Hajj once in their
lifetime. Makkah is an important religious place because it's the home
of the prophet Mohammed and the city he grew up in. It also has the
profits mosque, which is one of the most important mosques in Islam.
And while Mohammed was on Hajj he was enlightened and heard words from

If a Muslim can't go on Hajj for some reason they have two choices
they can give their savings to charity which is one of the five
pillars of Islam Zakat (charitable giving) or they can give their hajj
savings to someone else to take your place or someone can represent a
whole family if they don't have a lot of money. Then Allah knows you
had Niyyah (which means intention in Arabic) of going, and in his mind
you are there and forgiven.

Before a Muslim can go on Hajj they must be organised, finished all
there duties and responsibilities and pay for any outstanding debts.
Part of being a Muslim is obeying rules here are some rules: first you
must be a Muslim; you must be physically fit because some of the
challenges are tough like running between al-safa and al-marwa, you
must leave previsions for your family & you must pay for Hajj in an
honest way. And last you must be old enough to respect Allah and
understand why you are there and what the purpose of coming to Makkah

During Hajj all Muslims have to understand that your all equal, nobody

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is richer or poorer, better or worse. And to show you are all equal
you all wear the same clothes a simple clothing called Ihram. Its
really a state of mind you cant think any worse or look down at
anybody because while on Hajj your all equal and the same. This what
brings every body together and help them work and co-operate as a
team. Woman cover all their body accept faces, hands and feet.


While performing pilgrimage pilgrims have to follow simple rules. They
are not allowed to harm any wildlife or growth of any plants in the
sacred garden. They are also not allowed to trim nails or hair.

Muslims come on pilgrimage between 8th and 13th of the twelfth month
on the Islamic calendar; this is called Dhul hijjah in Arabic. If they
come on pilgrimage at any other time then this pilgrimage is known as
the lesser pilgrimage or Umrah. The rituals of hajj will take about
five days but can be completed in three.

While Muslims are on Hajj they have to visit the Ka'ba which is mainly
the first place a Muslim will visit when they arrive in Makkah. The
Ka'ba is a cubic building built by prophet Ibrahim and his eldest son
Ishmael. The Ka'ba is a place of worship and prayer to Allah, the big
tall cubic building has a large black cloth dragged over the Ka'ba and
throughout the year this black cloth is hung over the Ka'ba. And at
the end of Hajj each pilgrim gets a piece to remind them of this
special journey to Makkah.

In the Eastern corner of the Ka'ba is the Blackstone. While on
Hajj pilgrims kiss or touch the Blackstone.

So basically Hajj is all about following in the footsteps of Mohammed
and bring them self closer to god.

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