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Personal Writing

'Darling, have you finished the washing up yet?' asked mother.

I did not reply. I was too distracted by the moving bush at the end of
the garden. I could not understand, as there were no trees moving, nor
was there any wind. I was just perplexed by this.

I felt a shiver down my spine believing there was something there. I
had a sudden rush of excitement. What was at the back of the garden? I
was surrounded by darkness and scared to go out alone, I could not go,
so I waited until morning. The next day I woke up extra early I think
it was about 6:30 am and looked out my bedroom window at the bushes
and I did not see anything moving so I decided to explore.

I ran down the stairs and said, 'I'm going out, be back in a minute!'
I rushed out and headed for the bushes next to the tool shed. My heart
was thumping against my rib cage. I had imagined all night what was
behind the bushes and became very excited. I quickly pulled back the
bushes and I screamed; 'Aha!'.

Much to my disappointment there was nothing there at all. I left there
shortly after believing it must have been a wild animal. My
imagination must have taken over.

In the evening I began daydreaming out of the window, hoping that the
creature would come back, and it did. I looked out the window to find
the bushes moving again this time, much faster than before. I was
ecstatic that the creature had returned. I thought this is my chance
to catch it out.

I hurriedly put on my coat and took my father's torch and ran as fast
as I could to the back of the garden my adrenaline pumping hard. I
stopped at the bushes breathing heavily and realised that the movement
in the bushes had stopped. I soon realised I had scared it off with
all the noise I made. ' Huh, I

wish I knew what was in these bushes every night,' I sighed to myself.

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Then suddenly there was a bright light shining from the bushes, which
shone so bright I had to squint my eyes. I could not believe what I
had seen.

There were three small gnomes that were alive. I was in shock. I sat
down quietly beside the gnomes and observed them. It was amazing they
were making small gifts for people. 'I can't believe this', I said
forgetting that noises scare them. They suddenly looked up and saw me
looking back at them. They were angered by my presence and started
creeping up to me and hissing at me as to ward me away from their
home. 'Get away from here and don't come back.'

The next morning I woke up screaming, believing it was all a
nightmare. I rushed over to my window and whipped open the curtains.
There I saw my torch and two concrete gnomes lying on the grass. I
started to get nervous and sweat, I shuddered at the thought that
there were creatures, much more powerful than I am at the bottom of
the garden. From that day on I made sure my cat did not go out.

At night and watched the bushes out of my window every night and I saw
the bushes move continuously and I was so scared I couldn't sleep that
night. I ran to my mum's room and screamed: 'There after me, there
after me.' My mother then took me into her bed and asked me 'who is
after you?' thinking I had a nightmare.

The morning after I cried as I was scared for my safety. I was on my
own, no one believed me. That night I wanted to settle this one for
all. I couldn't think of anything else but the creatures at the end of
the garden by the tool shed.

I took my torch, I went to the shed and took out a tool to protect
myself. I creeped up to the bushes and peaked through the holes.

I then jumped up and ran into the bushes screaming, throwing round the
hammer. I suddenly stopped, I shone my torch in the bushes and found
nothing at all.

I suddenly became frightened. I felt a sharp object hit my leg and I
fell to the ground in pain. I was grabbed by the creatures and dragged
further into the bushes and they hit me and scratched me. I tried to
hit them back, but they would not stop.

I finally got free from them and ran to my house screaming and ran to
my room and hid under the covers crying. The next day I woke up in
shock I looked at my arms to see the scratches, but to my surprise,
there were no marks on my skin.

That day I ran to the bushes and found three gnome statues. I thought
now is my chance to get rid of them for good.

I took the hammer off the floor and took all three gnomes and one by
one and with great satisfaction smashed them to pieces; ' Ha, that
will teach you to mess with me.' I said it with such contentment. I
mixed up all the pieces of the gnomes and put it all in separate bags
for fear of them piecing together again. Now I always fear them coming
back for me, silly I know, but what do I know. I am just a little
child. They will never find me anyway. Or so I thought…
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