Personal Non-Fictional Writing

Personal Non-Fictional Writing

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Personal Non-Fictional Writing

It was the summer of 2002 Friday 13th July to be exact! I knew a
couple of months before that my mum and dad were going on holiday in
the caravan, but I was only willinh to go if I could take a friend
with me. They eventually agreed to it, so I asked Quinny.

Quinny had to work the morning of Saturday 14th July but that was ok,
because we werent leaving till after dinner and he had brought all he
neede for the holiday up the night before.

We were all ready for off at about 1 o'clock on the Saturday, I was
expecting a long journey as I had been to the same campsite the year
before and it takes about three hours on a good day.

But thankfully we didnt get lost on the way so we got there just
before tea-time.

Quinny and I waited in the car while my mum and dad signed us in and
got our pitch number. Number nine was our pitch this time, which wasnt
that far away from where we were last year. I'll just tell you one
more thing about last year then I will move on, I met a girl called
Vicky who I spent most of the holiday with. As we got on really well,
I knew she was going back this year but she had a boyfriend so it
would be a bit different.

We got parked up eventually, I went to get the wated while Quinny,
started putting up the tent our sleeping house for the week.

After we had finished setting up my mum and dad sent us down to the
fish and chip shop that we had seen on the way in. It took about
twenty mintues to walk to, so on the way back I phoned my dad to come
and pick us up.

Later in the day about 6 o'clock, we went to the supermarket to get
all food and alcohol we would need for the week.

By 8 o'clock we were in the caravan getting ready to go out, but

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before we went we had to get nearly drunk because it would be quite
expensive in the town.

It was quite a long walk into the town but not too tiring and it was
good because we could talk about things we were going to get up to on
the holiday. BB's was the arcade we first went into but there werent
many females so we quickly left and carried on walking down to the
beach area.

On the way down we bought some more drinks from the local shop and
then saw some females standing across the road looking at us. After we
had crossed the road we went up to them and started talking to them,
Asking the usual questions, Where you from?, How old are you? and
things like that, we asked them if they wanted to have a walk with us,
thier names were Faye and Cassie.

After walking for quite sometime it came apparent that Quinny liked
Cassie and I liked Faye.

It was getting quite late so Cassie phoned her mum to ask her if she
could come and pick Faye and herself up, we sat waiting on a bench in
the town for quite a while before her mum came, then Cassie and Faye
just stood up and got in the car without a kiss or even saying

Quinny and I were really shocked and just sat on this bench without
saying anything for about five mintues, then when we did talk the
first thing we said was, ''What a waste of a night''

On the way back to the caravan we just talked about Cassie and Faye,
this was at about 12.30am.

As we were walking back we saw a man who we called Darren Hayes
because he looked like the singer, this would later on become very

When we got back to the caravan we had a drink then went straight to
sleep in the tent.

I don't think we got up till about 11 o'clock the next morning,
although I did get woken up about 8 because of the sun beating down on
the tent it was really hot!

When we eventually got out of the ten we went straight in the caravan
for some breakfast before we went for a shower.

By the time we had got ready it was nearly lunch-time so we walked
into town to get something to eat, then chilled out on the beach all

We decided that it was about time we started to walk back to the
caravan to get something to eat and get ready to go out again!

Before we went we listened to some tunes while drinking some cider and
talking about what had happened to us the night before, saying that it
wouldnt happen again!

We didnt think we would see Faye and Cassie all the holiday but just
as we entered then town who did we see? Faye and Cassie!

At that moment Quinny and I didnt know what to say we were slighty
drunk and usually we would talk to anyone if were, so it was quite
weird. 'Hi' was obviously the first word we said and after that we
began to engage in conversation not mentioning the night before
because it was too embarrassing .

After walking for quite sometime we sat down on a bench overlooking
the pier, Quinny and I were drunk by this time so we were really
flirting with the girls. I think they liked it although they werent
letting on.

We were really drunk now so they asked us what we did at home, like
college or work? We said 'we both played for Dearne Valley College
Football Academy and that we were models'. That definitley impressed
them I could tell by the look on thier faces!

It was 1o'clock we didnt realise we had been out that long, Cassie was
stopping at Faye's house that night so they asked us if we could walk
them back, thinking it was only ten minutes. We said ''Yes'' because
we had to get home ourselves and couldnt afford to get lost because it
took about thirty minutes from the start of town to get back to the
caravan and we now we were at the other end of it! When we were
half-way to Faye's house they asked us if we wanted to stay there for
the night? After quite sometime of discussing how good it would be we
decided not to because we didnt think it was very fair on my mum
staying out only on the second night.

So we gave them a goodnight kiss and headed back to the caravan, not
knowing until we saw the church clock that it was quarter to two in
the morning. So we started to run because we knew we had at least
another thirty minutes to go, after a lot of running my feet started
to hurt so we stopped while I took my shoes off and started to run
again! Nearly back we saw a manly shadow, that was walking towards us
so we started to slow done, eventually walking again. When he got
nearer we could see who it was and weirdly enough it was the man we
had seen the night before 'Darren Hayes'. Well we thought that was a
bit weirdd but didnt think too much of it and carried on walking to
the campsite, saying 'that this night had been a lot better than the

Another blistering hot morning but we werent complaing! My mum had
phoned me several times last night but I think she was a bit drunk so
she didnt really know what time we got in. The first words she said to
us was 'What time did you two get in last night?' I replied with
'about 12 I think, Why?'I knew full well what time it was 3.30 am, but
I wasnt going to tell her that because she probably wouldnt have let
us go out again! I think she knew we were lying but I don't think she
minded that much because she didnt say anything else about it.

As you may have guessed by now we didnt really do much in the day,
apart from eat and sunbath.

7 o'clock just got out of the shower and ready for another night out.

On our usual long walk down to the town we talked about what we would
say if Faye an Casie asked us back, like they had the night before, we
decided if they did ask us again to say no, and us the method 'treat
em' mean, keep em' keen. After another long night of kissing, talking
and walking they decided it was time for them to go home, a lot
earlier than last night I thought to myself! Because it was still
quite early we decided to walk them home again. When we finally
reached Faye's house she said to us 'Are you coming in?' we replied
with 'Erm, no sorry we should be getting back really.'We will see you
to-morrow though. Just as we were turning on to the road our campsite
was who did we see!? The man who looked like Darren Hayes yet again,
the time was around 12.30am we just couldnt believe that he was
walking on his own at that time, so we said that to-morrow night being
our last night we would talk to the Darren Hayes lookalike!

Rain woke us up on our last day not a very nice sight to wake up to
after we had been used to the boling hot sun every morning. But then
again this was our last day so something had to go wrong, just hope it
would be the only thing.

After spending most if the day in the caravan because of the rain the
sun came out for the afternoon, so it was one last chance to improve
our tan before we went home!

Later on we decided to have a walk down into the town to do some
last-minute shopping before we went home. Something seemd very weird,
it felt like everybody was staring at Quinny and myself, but we just
ignored it and carried on doing our own thing.

It wasnt till we got back to the caravan that we were quite worried
about going out because of the bad experience we had earlier.

'Who cares!' we thought. It was our last night and no-one was going to
spoil it.

Before we went out we made sure we were really drunk this time. On the
way down I didnt feel so good and kept being sick and even used the
'fingers down your throat' method to get it all out, not very nice at

In the town we got that weired feeling back that everyone hated us, so
we tried to find the girls as soon as we could.

When we found them they were in the arcade called BB's we had been in
on the first night and they were with some other lads! We were really
shocked at this, but they looked like they didnt really like the lads,
so we were still in with a chance!

After seeing that we decided to go for a walk across the beach where
we knew there wouldnt be anyone. We eventually made it on to the pier
where we heard a shout of 'Ian, Quinny!' We saw Faye and Cassie sat on
the bench we had been sat on the night before overlooking the sea. We
shouted 'We'll be up in a minute' back to them.

Because we were really drunk and tired from walking we sat on the
pier, for quite sometime thinking why is everyone staring at us? We
realised it was probalby because Faye and Cassie had told all thier
mates they were going out with models and footballers. So we got up
and went to look for them to ask if this was true?

They werent on the beach or in BB's so we didnt know where to look for
them and by this time we nearly had the entire population of Cromer
after us, well the youth population anyway.

After about an hour of searching for them we decided to go back to the
caravan and get some sleep ready to go home in the morning, we were
slightly gutted but we couldnt do anything about it so we started to

We hadnt really thought about the 'Darren Hayes' man until we yet
again saw what looked like a shadow on the otherside of the road, so
we crossed over and said 'Why are you out at this time of night?' he
replied 'Im thinking of words for a new song Im writing'. We couldnt
believe it! It was Darren Hayes all along, we had been walking past a
superstarr without knowing. We talked to him for ages, well we would
have spoken more, but there just wasnt enough time we had to set-off
back home soon! We thnaked Darren ever so much for his time and wished
him good look for the future. Back in the tent we were speachless we
had just met Darren Hayes that topped the whole holiday off. It was
and will forever be the best holiday I will go on!!
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