The Power and Beauty of the Love Between Romeo and Juliet

The Power and Beauty of the Love Between Romeo and Juliet

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Techniques and Devices Shakespeare Uses to Show the Power and Beauty of the Love Between Romeo and Juliet

In this essay I will be exploring the different language devises that
Shakespeare uses to show the powerful bond between Romeo and Juliet.
The actual play is about two teenage people that fall in love at first
sight, but their families have an "ancient grudge" which will doom the
love and relationship between Romeo and Juliet.

One of the techniques that Shakespeare uses to express the real love
Romeo has for Juliet but with him also imagining he is in love with
Rosaline, he uses good exaggerated language.
The play begins with an opening with Romeo brooding as he is in love
with a girl called Rosaline. On lines 162 - 172 he uses opposites "…O
heavy lightness", this is a figure of speech known as oxymoron.

Romeo is feeling very miserable because he is in love with Rosaline,
always thinking about her, "From love's weak childish blow she lives
uncharmed." But this love is unrequited, Romeos best friends thinks
the cure is too forget her but Romeo thinks it would be better and
easier to forget to think, "O teach me how I should forget to think",
we think that Romeo is in love with being in love. Benvolio tells
Romeo that when he takes him to the party, Rosaline will appear like a
crow but Romeo says that's not possible "…the all seeing sun never saw
the match since time begun", the way that Romeo is saying this, it
might mean that the feelings are not coming from the heart but he is
just in love with being in love.
Then we look at the effectiveness of that language that Shakespeare
uses to show Juliet before she meets Romeo.
Juliet is the daughter of Lord Capulet, at the age of 14, Juliet is
considered too young to marry when she is asked by Paris, a suitor. At
the time marriage wasn't really about love it was more about making a
powerful marriage. Once Juliet finds out that she is being considered

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for Paris's bride, she says to the nurse, "It is an honour I dream not
of", but when she meets Paris at the Capulet's party she will look at
him "to like". Juliet is the kind of person that is to be considered
as obedient, dutiful and does not consider the idea of such a marriage
arrangement unusual but that was the way things where done in that
period of time.

At the time when Romeo and Juliet meet they both fall helplessly in
love with each other and the language Shakespeare uses takes on both
of the power and beauty for which this is that the play "Romeo and
Juliet" is remembered very well. At the Capulet party Romeo has to
dress in disguise as all Montague's are not welcomed at the Capulet
party, Romeo catches a sight of Juliet in the corner of his eye and
very instantly forgets about Rosaline and falls in love instantly with
Juliet, "O she doth teach the torches to burn so bright! … I ne'er saw
true beauty till this night.". Later on it is this speech that is over
heard by Tibalt who is Juliet's cousin, who then is later to challenge
Romeo to a duel, he asks for this as this is for revenge at being
humiliated at the party because Lord Capulet denied him the chance to
fight him at the party.
The language previously used compared to the language when Romeo and
Juliet first exchange words compares very vividly. Lines 92 - 105 are
written as a sonnet which is very unlike the rhyming that Shakespeare
used earlier in the play when both Romeo and Juliet spoke of love.
In the play Romeo seems to referrer to Juliet as a shrine, this is
showing the religious imagery which leads on to show the power of the
love the couple have for each other.
Again we can see the power and love of Romeo and Juliet, as Romeo
sneaks back to Juliet's balcony, once the party has ended, "but soft,
what light through yonder window breaks? … It is the east and Juliet
is the sun.".
This scene is widely famous around the world as Romeo's language is
comparing Juliet to be as beautiful as the sun, the stars and the
heavens. He is expressing that to him Juliet is the world he calls her
his "Bright Angel". Whilst Juliet is expressing the love she has to
give Romeo by talking about the vastness of the sea, "My bounty is as
boundless as the sea, My love is as deep", This all shows the religion
and purity of there powerful bonding love.
Soon Juliet asks Romeo to decide when they are to be married, but this
marriage arrangement has to be kept a very deep secret as the families
have an ancient feud. Later on Juliet vows that after the marriage
server, she is to "follow my lord throughout the world", this might be
a slight hint that they are going to leave Verona. Juliet shows more
powerful love as she accepts Romeo her husband to be "lord", also
Juliet showed that she would be very unwilling to have a relationship
based on upon anything but marriage. The power which they both feel
for each other is intended upon that they have a very good swift
Another way to show that they show the power and beauty between Romeo
and Juliet's love is to contrast other characters opinions on it.
Later when Romeo asks Frair Lawrence to perform the service in which
Romeo and Juliet are to marry, the Friar is very amazed that how
quickly Romeos feelings have changed and replaced Rosaline for Juliet,
"..What a change is here!", he declared, although he knew that Romeo
was just playing at being a lover with Rosaline. The nurse often
described the words Love and Sex in crude terms as also Mercutio and
all his friends whose language was very realistic of which when young
men are together the way that they are to talk, these words strongly
contrast with the words of Romeo, when believing himself to be in love
and when he is actually in love. Lord Capulet and Lady Capulet also
are showing their views on love as when he protects her from early
marriage, he is to abuse her when she goes against him with real
shocking language and physical contact, but Lady Capulet thought that
it would never hurt her to marry young.
The power in the love showed for Romeo and Juliet is conveyed in the
language use when they hear that the verdict is for Romeo to be
banished. Now that Juliet has heard Tybalt has been killed by Romeo in
a duel and is to be banished, Juliet's feelings become very desperate
as she is wanting to cry for Tybalt but is unable to cope with Romeo
being banished, "….Romeo Banished! .. There is no end, no limit
measure bound … In that word's death…".
Meanwhile, the words Romeo words echo hers, by not seeing that
banishment is better than death, "Tis torture and not mercy. Heaven is
here, where Juliet Lives, and every cat and dog and little mouse,
every unworthy thing, live here in heaven and may look on here".
There is one stolen wedding night of love as this is all they have
before the dawn of summons, which is meaning when Romeo is to be
banished, Romeo to mantua. In the current state there language has
lots of highs and lows of light and darkness also with contrasts of
death and deep foreboding, "O God, I have an ill-diving soul! Me
thinks I see thee now, thou are so low! As one dead in the bottom of a
As we can now see later Juliet would rather have die that to wed
Paris, "O bid me leap, rather than marry Paris, From of the
battlements of any tower, or walk in thievish way, or bid me lurk,
Where serpents are..".
Then we look at final part of the story where Romeo and Juliet would
rather have death as one than to live life apart. Juliet played
trickery on her family as she took a potion to make her family believe
she was dead so that she would skip the marriage between her and
Paris. Now that Romeo believes Juliet is dead he takes his own life
next to her, as he is dieing the body of Juliet awakens, so then
Juliet decides to take death with him rather than live life without
him, this shows what techniques and devices Shakespeare uses to show
to power and beauty of the love between Romeo and Juliet.
This essay was written to try and explore the way that Shakespeare
uses to entice power and beauty in different language devices and
techniques in the story of Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare does not only
succeed in the above, he also turns this tragedy into a powerful,
beautiful play.
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