How Boots Plc Manages Human Resources

How Boots Plc Manages Human Resources

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* Introduction

What is Human Resource Management?

HRM is the management of the people who work in an organisation.
Personnel Management as it was known previously dealt with welfare
roles such administering the pay system, holidays and pension scheme,
running the employees' medical service and organising social and
sports facilities.

Nowadays the job of managig people is regarded as being more
complicated and wheras the personnel manager's main concern was
centred on how to look after the employees and keep them as satisfied
as possible. What you find these days is that there is much more
involvement in how to get the most value out of employees for the
benefits of the organistion. This means that human resource managers
now work much more closely with other managers in production,
marketing and finance areas.

Who are Boots?

Boots Plc. is the company I will look at in my assignment. I will get
an insight of how Boots recruit, retain and manage one of their key
resources - People.

Human Resource Planning

What is Human Resource Planning?

Human Resource Planning (HRP) is the process of forecasting the
workforce requirements of the business for future years. It looks at
how many employees the business will require in the future, as well as
the type of employee that will be required (e.g. graduate trainees,
skilled-manual and supervisors). HRP also ensures that the 'right'
employee is in the 'right' job, to ensure maximum efficency and
effectiveness of the workforce.

* Objectives of HR Planning

Labour Market Factors

* Skills Shortages

* Competition for Employment Trends

* Employees

* Availability of Labour

Factors Influencing Internal Staffing

* Labour Turnover

* Sickness and Accident Rates

* Age, Skill & Training

* Succession

Recruitment and Selection

Why is it important?

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* When a job becomes vacant, failure to question whether it ought to
be redesigned by making changes to say the level of
responsibility, remuneration package, hours of work, working
methods etc.

* A hurried attempt to meet an adevertising deadline in the local
paper may result in inaccurate copy which, at the very least,
misleads potential applicants and at worst, discourages them

* Failure to carry out effective research inot advertising media for
a specialist post resulting in a lower standard of applicants than
envisaged, and therefore the nessity to re-advertise in, say a
specialist journal, will project a poor image of the personnel
department or of whoever was responsible.

* Untrained interviewers projecting a poor public relations image of
organisation to prospective employees and the use of inadvisable
lines of questioning may lead to claims of sex discrimination.

* A decision to oofer posts to candidates who performed 'best on the
day' even though they fell short of the requirements defiend as
essential for performing the job satisfactorily may result in
their leaving or being dismissed in the short term or requiring
more training than was envisaged in the long term.

Three stages in this process:

* Determining what the business needs

* Recruiting a range of suitable applicants for the post

* Selecting the right person

Questions to ask Boots:

* Does the organisation need a replacement or could the
responsibilities be reallocated to other staff?

* Does the team/organisation need extra staff or would a
redefinition of everyone's job roles provide the cover without
incurring additional costs or work overload?

* Should the job role be defiend so that a new employee's
contribution would be more effective and efficient?

* Can the business afford to fill the vacancy?


* Determine whether a vacancy exists and why.

* Analyse the needs of the post and draw up a job description and
person specification.

A job description is a simple word picture of what the job entails.

A person specification is a profile of the type of person needed to do
a job.

* Adverstise the job effectively to attract a good field of suitable
applicants with relevant qualifications and skills.

Reasons for Recruitment

* Growth of Business

* Changing Job Roles

* Filling Vacancies

* Internal Promotion

Recruitment Process

* Preparing Personal Specification and Job Description

* Planning and Advertising

* Identifying and Short Listing Candidates for Interview

Selection and one step beyond

* Draw up a shortlist from the applicants by matching their
applications with the job description and person specification.

* Select a candidate for the post through interviews and/or aptitude

* Offer the job to the successful candidate. Draw up a contract of

* Provide induction to new employee

* Develop the skills and abilities of staff throughout their

Describing the person needed to fill the vacancy - person

Rodgers 7 point plan

Physical characteristics Health, physique, appearance, bearing &

Attainment Education, qualifications, experience

Intelligence Thinking and mental skills, intellectual skills

Special aptitudes Mechanical, manual dexterity, ability to use

Interests Intellectual, practical, physical, artistic, social

Disposition Acceptability, influence over others, steadiness,
dependability, self-reliance

Circumstances Domestic/Family

Munro-Fraser 5-fold grading system

Impact on others Physical make-up, appearance, bearing, manner &

Acquired qualifications Education, training and work experience

Innate (natural) abilities Natural quickness of comprehension, ability
to learn

Motivation The kind of goals set by a person, consistency and
determination to succeed

Adjustment Emotional stability, ability to withstand stress, ability
to get on with people.

Selection Process

* Legal and Ethical Responsibilities

* Assessment Methods

* Interview Techniques

* Criteria for Evaluating the Recruitment Process


Flexible Workforce

* Different Methods of Employment

* Different Terms and Conditions

* Core Employees

* Part Time, Temporary and Contract Labour

Training and Development

Methods of Training and Development

* Induction Training

* Mentoring

* Coaching

* Apprenticeship

* In-House and External Training

Performance Management

Methods of Managing Performance

* Appraisals

* Self Evaluation

* Peer Evaluation

* Target Setting

* Measuring Individual and Group Output and Production

Employee Motivation

* Financial and Non-Financial Factors

* Frederick Taylor's 'Principles of Scientific Management'

* Abraham Maslows ' Hierarchy of Needs'

* Douglas McGregors 'Theory X and Y'

* Frederick Herzberg's 'Two Factor Theory'

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