Civic Election

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Civic Election On November 16, 2002, many British Columbians will head to the voting booth for the civic election. The question is, whom will they vote for? Will it be Larry Campbell, the leader of the Coalition of Progressive Electors (COPE)? Valerie Maclean, leader of the Vancouver Civic Action TEAM (VCA)? Or Jennifer Clarke, leader of the Non-Partisan Association (NPA)? Conservative Larry Campbell will this year lead a party whose focus is environmental issues. Campbell, along with his party would like to develop Vancouver's economy, reduce energy consumption, and address climate change. His plan is to create a so-called "Cool Vancouver", in which jobs will be created and civic investment through construction and other projects that save energy will use environmentally friendly technology. This would involve investing in energy saving technology in new buildings and "retrofits", where this technology will be installed in older buildings. He hopes that this program will create jobs, save tax dollars, reduce municipal costs, and attract senior government funds while conserving energy. If elected mayor, Campbell states that "I want to make sure that what we do is going to come back as a benefit that we can measure and see". He also said that he would like to "bring the downtown eastside community into the mainstream" by implementing the four-pillars program which is aimed at alleviating addiction woes to the Downtown Eastside. The second candidate for mayor of Vancouver is Valerie Maclean, leader of the VCA TEAM. She believes that Vancouver needs to be a vibrant "community of communities" with greater ambition, and it needs to seek international recognition. Maclean hopes that the Olympics will be part of the stimulating economy, because the economic spin-offs could be huge. Maclean also believes that Vancouver needs to take greater advantage of the potential tourist dollars that could be spent here. "Tourism is huge in this city, but look at some of the cultural activities that have been underplayed" as stated by Maclean recently. According to her, the city is not taking advantage of people arriving
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