The Ground Work Trust

The Ground Work Trust

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The Ground Work Trust

The first Groundwork Trust was established 21 years ago on Merseyside.
Seventeen years later, there are 44 independent Groundwork companies
all over England, Wales and Northern Ireland, each with charitable
objectives to bring social and economic regeneration into areas of
need. The Groundwork approach has also been adopted in Japan and the
USA where the National Park Service is supporting a growing number of

Groundwork's purpose is "to build sustainable communities through
joint environmental action".
They do this by getting residents, businesses and other local
organisations involved in practical projects that improve the quality
of life, bring about regeneration and lay the foundations for
sustainable development .

The Projects of the Ground Work Trust aim to improve things in three

- creating opportunities for people to learn new skills and take local

- creating better, safer and healthier neighbourhoods

- helping businesses and individuals fulfill their potential

The Groundwork Trust recognises that people, places
Photo - Communitiesand ( ) prosperity are
inextricably linked and so aims to design projects that bring benefits
for all three at once. They believe this integrated approach is vital
if we are to bring about sustainable development - 'meeting the needs
of the present without compromising the ability of future generations
to meet their own needs'

In 2000-2001 Groundwork spent £76 million on practical regeneration

We received money from the following sources:

* UKGovernment and national assemblies* - £14.2 million (18%)

* Private sector - £16.5 million (22%)

* Local authorities - £13.3 million (17%)

* European Union - £10.7 million (14%)

* National Lottery - £6.2 million (8%)

* Other regeneration funding (RDAs, SRB etc) - £16.3 million (21%)

Last year Groundwork received a central grant of £7.7 million from the
Department of Transport, Local Government and the Regions (DTLR).

The money was spent as follows:

* Physical environmental improvements - £44 million (58%)

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* Education and community involvement - £16.6 million (22%)

* Integrating the economy and the environment - £7.9 million (10%)

* Management, development and administration - £6.8 million (9%)

* Fundraising and publicity - £0.7 million (1%)

Each Groundwork Trust is a partnership between the public, private and
voluntary sectors with its own board of trustees. The work of the
Trusts is supported by the national and regional offices of Groundwork
UK and by Groundwork Wales.

They work closely with the Government and national assemblies, local
authorities, regional development agencies and businesses. We also
receive support from the European Union, the National Lottery, the
landfill tax credit scheme, private sponsors and charitable

There are four Ground Work Trusts in Wales, in Merthyr and Rhondda
Cynon Taff, Bridgend, Caerphilly and Wrexham. All have been in
operation for over 12 years and have a substantial track record of
excellent projects on the ground.

Photo - Land


The Ground Work Trust is also here to build 'sustainable community'
one which is vibrant, healthy and safe, which respects the local and
global environment and where individuals and enterprise prosper.

Changing Places changing lives


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