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Work Experience Report

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Work Experience Report

My work experience placement was at Select in Barkingside, from 23rd
September to 4th October 2002. The retail shop Select is a small
store, which consists of manufactured goods. The store that I worked
at was rather small and only had eight girls working as sales
assistants and two managers; head and supervisor.

My job was as a sales assistant throughout the whole store; the store
was split into four sections. These shifts consisted of the front, the
back, the fitting room and the till. The manager would give me and the
other work experience students a job to do each morning for the store
shifts. I was allowed on the till occasionally, but I had to be
supervised by the manager. All though this was the case, the rest of
the staff treated me with respect, the girls who worked there were all
very kind and generous, helping me in every possible way. I would have
to say that this work placement was a good choice.

At the back of the store there was a small staff room, supplied with
cameras, the store was obviously well maintained with appropriate
equipment and security.

I gained many skills of communication and problem solving by helping
and greeting the many customers who came into the store. However, I
hadn't learnt any IT skills, which I hoped to gain, therefore I asked
if I could deal with deliveries and sort stock and prices. Items of
clothing needed to be marked down and I was told how to use the system
of product pricing. I dealt with putting security tagging on all
deliveries and pricing them by opening up the IT system and storing
their product number in the computer/till. After doing so I would
count and store stock on bases. This helped me to further gain
organisation and IT skills. I also had to regularly put was/now tags
on the item of clothing for sale and check if the hangers were the
right way round showing the Select logo.

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Although this wasn't very
enjoyable, I still had the interest of meeting and greeting the public
at the doors. Further more, my communication skills developed, as I
had to approach customers and ask them if they wanted a Select store
card. It was incredibly frightening, but I got used to it, after
asking a few more customers. One enjoyable job, which I was given, was
to dress the models in the store. I was allowed to choose the cloths
to put on to the models.

A typical day at the retail shop Select would be hectic and tiring, I
think that is why I enjoyed it so much; it was an extreme change of
being at the calmness of the school.

This work experience was definitely useful to me, as it has given me a
guide to my future plans. Although I enjoyed working in the retail
shop, it has been extremely tiring. I would definitely consider
working at a retail shop, part time.
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