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Sonnets are as the dictionary confirms poems with set rhythmic
patterns and Shakespeare's' were no exception. NEARLY ALL

All his sonnets were 14 lines long and these 14 lines were then broken
down to three quatrains (four line verse) and one Couplet (two line
verse). Within each verse there was a set rhythm and the rhythm that
Shakespeare used was known as an iambic pentameter. EACH LINE is HAS
10 syllables. EACH line and divided into 5 'feet' EACH ONE OF TWO
SYLLABLES. Each foot is known as an 'iamb'. I have chosen to look at
Shakespeare's sonnets Nos. 18 and 130.

In the first quatrain in sonnet 18 Shakespeare compares his love to a
summer's day. He is saying that the one he loves is "more lovely and
more temperate…". Shakespeare goes on to say that beauty sometimes
declines due to chance or "nature's course untrimmed" and that
beautiful things do lose beauty. However in the third quatrain he
claims that his love will never lose the beauty by saying "But thy
eternal summer shall not fade…". The poem is concluded by "…So long
lives this, and this gives life to thee" which means that as long as
the poem is read people will know how beautiful his love was and this
keeps the beauty from fading or being less beautiful.

In sonnet 130, in the first quatrain Shakespeare talks about her eyes
being "nothing like the sun" and coral being "far more red" than her
lips. He continues in the same vain throughout quatrains two and
three, claiming that the breath form his mistress "reeks" and that he
doesn't see roses in her cheeks. The last verse, the couplet, takes a
turn however and Shakespeare explains his love that she doesn't need
false comparisons she is beautiful to him "…As any she belied with
false compare."

In both sonnets Shakespeare makes references to beauty, whether
comparing to a summer's day or talking about appearances of her cheeks

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and lips. He also uses the couplet at the end of the sonnet to make a
final point and conclude the poem. He also talks about heaven, "And
yet, by heaven" and "the eye of heaven". He also talks about colour in
sonnet 18 he mentions the "gold complexion" and in sonnet 130 he talks
about "red and white" roses and "black wires".

However there is one main difference the fact that in sonnet 18 he
talks about how beautiful his love is and he compares it to a summer's
day, but in sonnet 130 he says that his love is nothing like any of
the objects he mentions. The other difference is that in the couplet
at the end in sonnet 18 he just sums up what he has been saying and
draws the sonnet to an end whereas in sonnet 130 he uses the couplet
at the end to change the sonnet around and explain the poem.

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