The Effect of Hajj on a Muslim

The Effect of Hajj on a Muslim

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The Effect of Hajj on a Muslim

Hajj as a whole will inspire a Muslim to do better for themselves, God
and the community. Each event symbolises a key way on how a Muslim can
change for the better and keep on the straight path for life. Though
some Muslims will not change after coming back on Hajj, some may feel
that it was not inspiring or helpful, others may feel that they are
already the 'perfect' Muslim. Hajj has made great improvements in life
for lots of Muslims.

A good example of how Hajj might affect the life of a Muslim is
Malcolm X. He was born Malcolm Little in 1925. His father was
constantly harassed by the Ku Klux Klan and in 1931 his father was
purposely hit by a tram. When Malcolm was a teenager he began to get
involved with dangerous people, he started to sell drugs and steal. It
was 1946 when Malcolm was arrested and sentenced to eight years in

While in prison he had joined a group called the Black Muslims. They
believed that white people were the Devil and that God was black.
Malcolm left prison and went on Hajj, he realised that all kinds of
different people took part. Not only were Arabs or black people there,
white people also took part.

This shows in a letter he wrote to his wife. It said that he had been
with all types of people 'They were of all colours, from blue eyed
blondes to black skinned Africans.' He told his wife that the oneness
of the community made no separations and that all pilgrims were seen
as the same. In his letter he explained 'I have eaten from the same
plate, drunk from the same glass, and slept on the same rug while
praying to the same God - with fellow Muslims, whose eyes were the
bluest of blue, whose hair was the blondest of blonde and whose skin
was the whitest of white.' He also said 'we are truly the same because
their (white people) belief in one God had removed the white from

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their minds.' This shows us that not only had Hajj changed Malcolm X's
view on white people and God. Malcolm X had believed that if the rest
of America could understand the oneness then racism would be

The first event of Hajj, Ihram will help a Muslim's self discipline
and to see how God intended life to be. When a Muslim has the correct
intention it teaches him to be more forgiving and loving by practising
this a Muslim will be able to have correct intention all of the time.

The Tabilyah helps to keep a Muslim's mind focused on God all of the
time. During Hajj if a Muslim keeps focused on God all of the time
then this helps him on the straight path, this applies for most of the
events on Hajj.

During the Tawaf Muslim's may realise that their circling keeps them
focused upon God and their religion. Having been inspired by the
oneness of the movement and the oneness of the people could inspire a
Muslim to make their own community a more strengthened union. It may
make a Muslim think that they may need to go home and pray more than
they did before and to help out more in the name of God and the
community. The circling and the direction will tell a Muslim to keep
the correct direction, the correct path, the path to God.

The Sai is a very educational event for a Muslim. If a Muslim
understands the meaning behind the Sai they will try to keep their
life in God's direction. The story of Hajar and Ismail will teach a
Muslim not to ever give up and always have faith in God. The Sai will
teach patience and perseverance, this will rejuvenate a Muslim's faith
in God. That in turn may inspire a Muslim to have stronger faith in
Islam and to teach others how to become trustworthy to Islam.

The Stand could affect a Muslim by teaching him great self-discipline.
With self-discipline a Muslim will become a better listener and let
other people communicate better with them. Plus the story of Adam and
Eve will give realisation to a Muslim, maybe they need to stay by God
and possibly pray more and do more for the name of God and Islam. The
Stand will remind a Muslim of Judgement Day, with this in mind a
pilgrim will feel inspired to do the God intended things in life.

Stoning the Jamaras will give a muslim an opportunity to pick the
right choice in life. The story of how God tested Ibrahim should teach
a Muslim to stay faithful to God and to always stick to God's word in
the Qu'ran. The temptations that Ibrahim and his family faced will
teach a Muslim that in life their will be times that you lose faith,
but if you stick by God and Islam, the you shall prevail like Ibrahim
did. The story could also remind a Muslim to make more sacrifices to
God and not do the in Islam because you have to, but because you
choose to for your love of God. The throwing of the pebbles will teach
a Muslim to defeat all evil. This may make a Muslim stand in the face
of Fear and evil and make an attempt to stop it.

Id Ul Adha will make a Muslim realise that now that they have been
forgiven and 'renewed' by God they a second chance in life to live it
how they should. A Muslim may not want to be forgiven by going on Hajj
again, so they may remain good so that they will not have to.
Remaining to be good will obviously have positive effects on a Muslim
but it will help them to become closer to God.
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