A True Pilgrimage is Really a Journey Within a Muslim

A True Pilgrimage is Really a Journey Within a Muslim

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A True Pilgrimage is Really a Journey Within a Muslim

I agree that Hajj is a journey within a Muslim, but there are parts of
Hajj that will greatly take a physical toll on a pilgrim. I have
already described how each event is both a physical and mental
challenge but I do also believe that some Muslims may be used to the
hot climates that may be faced. This would not be seen as a challenge
to them. Also a Muslim may do a lot of exercise so therefore some
vents may not be a great deal of effort for such a person. The same
would apply for the Stand, in some cases one pilgrim may be used to
standing for long hours in the heat.

Though if a true pilgrimage were just a journey within then there
would be no need for the physical side of events such as the Sai and
the Stand. Without doing the physical side of these events you would
not be following the example of the Prophet Muhammad.

The physical part of the events also helps to make a pilgrim realise
the pain, suffering and effort that other Muslims before them had to
face. These events are supposed to trail all the way back to God, if
you do not do them properly then you are not living by God's

It is true to say that Hajj is a journey within for if you do not have
the correct intention then there is no point in taking part. The same
applies for the physical side though. If there was no physical side of
Hajj then a Muslim may forget their experience. Plus only in extreme
cases will a Muslim not find any of the events challenging.

The physical can aid the mental side of Hajj. Ihram for example means
that a Muslim will put on their Ihram garments and be reminded
mentally of the Day of Death and the Day of Judgement. This will make
them realise they must be good in life and by doing this will help

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them become closer to God. The Stand's physical side means you have to
stand before God however this would mean nothing on its own as you
would need the spiritual side to confess all of your sins and be truly
repentant to God and be forgiven.

So it is true to say that Hajj is a journey within, but without the
physical side there would be no links to the past or the Prophet
Muhammad. That would also mean that there is no sacrifice on the body
and if you are physically challenged then if you try you are at least
showing God you have the correct intention and that you love him
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