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"Adam!" cried his mother up the stairs. "Adam Nuttell, get yourself
down here now! It's a quarter to flaming' eight!"

Upstairs, the teenager began to stir. A thin beam of light shone
through a crack between the curtains. It radiated on the acne-ridden
face of sleeping youth.

"Adam!" bellowed his mother again. "Get up you lazy article!"

"Cool the shouting," replied a weary voice. "I'm up, I'm up"

Adam threw back his blood red duvet and rose to his feet.

"Damn!" he growled, as his foot sunk into a mass of chocolate ice
cream. He had taken it upstairs the previous night for a midnight
snack, and he must have dropped it as he fell asleep. Adam picked up
the nearest thing on the floor, which happened to be a pair of week
old socks, and began to wipe the brown slime off of his foot.

"Adam! I've told you twice now. Get Up! You'll be late for school!"

He put down the now even filthier socks, and began to wade through the
mountainous piles of discarded clothing on the floor. His extensive
frame lumbered across the bedroom to where his mother had hung his
freshly presses uniform the evening before.

"He'll be down soon Brennan." His mother said to his father. They were
sitting at the breakfast table, but neither of them was eating. It was
Adam's fifteenth birthday, and his parents wanted to give him his
present before he left fro school.

"You'll be able to give it to him when he gets downstairs Brennan."
said Barbara, Adam's mother.

"Well it's not as if I can give it to him when he's upstairs, is it?"
snapped Brennan.

Barbara was about to say something when Adam burst down the stairs. In
contrast to how he was normal at this time in the morning, he was
bright and cheery.

"Good Morning, my dear parents" exclaimed Adam. "How are you on this
fine morning?"

"What do you want Adam?" asked his father, knowing that he only acted

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like this when he was after something.

""What else does one want on such a fine morning as this?"

"Your present is on the sideboard"

"Thanks Dad. Thanks Mum."

He darted over to the sideboard, and began ripping the blue wrapping
paper off of what appeared to be a large box. Inside the box, was a
brand new personal computer, just what he had wanted.

"Do you like it?" asked his father.

"It's got the internet!" added his mother enthusiastically.

"It's great. Thanks!" replied Adam, struggling to let his words out,
as he was so excited.

With that, a car horn was sounded outside.

"Quick! You'll be late for school"

"But what about…."

Barbara cut him off. "Brennan's mate is coming round to put it
together today."

"See You!" Adam said, as he ran out of the house, to get in his best
friend Paul's car.

"Best grand I ever spent!" Barbara wailed, as she erupted in a fit of
crying. "Just to see him so happy!"

It was several weeks later before Adam's obsession had begun to show.
He had started to spend most of his time on the computer, in
particularly, chat rooms.

"I WANT TO KICK MY TEACHERS HEAD IN!" shouted Mick through the
computer screen. Mick was one of many people Adam had met on the


Adam stopped typing as his mother walked into the room.

"Get out of my room!" he cried at his mother, quite out of character.

"It's only me!"

"Get Out!"

"I've only come to change your sheets." replied his mother cheerily.

"I don't care. Get Out!

"What is up with you?" asked his mother.

"Nothing. Get out!"

"It's that computer. You're obsessed with it." Barbara shouted. She
suddenly had a glint of aggression in her voice.

"Get Out!"

"Paul wants to see you. Why won't you see him?"

"I don't need friends anymore!"

"I wish we'd never bought you that computer. It's taken you over!"

"Get Out! Get Out!" screamed Adam.

The argument reached its crescendo. Adam stormed over to his mother,
knocked the sheets out of her hand, and hit her. He hit her again and
again, and slowly pushed her towards the top of the stairs whilst he
held her firmly.

"I don't need friends." Adam screamed into the ear of his now
hysterical mother.

"Adam, Adam. Don't do it.," she whimpered quietly.

"I don't need friends, and I don't need you."

With that, Adam let go of his mother and gave her a final shove. She
went backwards down the stairs. As she went down, she hit the stairs
over ten times, snapping her back in half and severing her neck and
fracturing almost every bone in her body. When she reached the bottom,
her limbs were stretched out, limp and lifeless. With seeing that,
Adam realised what he had become.
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