The Caretaker

The Caretaker

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The Caretaker

"OI LOSER! PICK UP THE CRAP!" This is the way he always got treated.
No one gave a second thought about him. They thought that just because
he was the caretaker who picked up the rubbish, he didn't deserve any
respect…….but they wished they'd have gave him some.

After 10 years of cleaning up after people who just didn't care.
People who laughed at him for don't his job, picking up their rubbish.
Peeling up snotty tissues in the rain in his bright yellow Rain Mack,
whilst they laughed at him through the window, he pretended he
couldn't see them. After 10 years or this, every day, he has had
enough. On his 10 yeah anniversary of being shouted at and just being
disregarded, he had decided, this was it. The end, for him anyway.

He walked into his stockroom, the one they banged on the door every
single time they walked past, every single person. They thought it was
funny, but they didn't know that he sat in there crying, through the
pain of how they treat him.

He didn't even get treated right by the teachers; they shoved him in a
room with the boiler. This was it. He walked, slowly, slowly walking.
But then he tripped over a mop. He could imagine the laugher of the
kids if they had seen that, then they'd run away with his rubbish
picker and hide it, so he'd have to spend the rest of the day looking
for it. He couldn't tell anyone, who would care.

He got back up and climbed onto the steel chair, and put the noose
round his neck and tied it to one of the pipes. He was rocking the
chair, from side to side, slowly, trying to knock it from under his
feat, but then, no, he wouldn't let them know that they had got to
him. He wouldn't give them that satisfaction. He took the noose off
from around his neck, and decided. He was going to make a change. He
wouldn't let them get to him anymore not matter how hard they tried.

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He got off the chair, but then he slipped, he fell, the chair as well.
The chair fell toward the boiler. He didn't realise that when he had
fallen over the mop it had knocked a valve off the boiler, gas was
leaking out, he could smell it. The chair was going for the boiler, he
tried to get up but he hit a shelf and it fell off. Cleaning products,
bleach, and floor cleaner poured all over him. This chair hit the
boiler, and made a spark, then there was no more, he was no more…or
was he?

"BE QUITE CASEY!" shouted a nervous Anne.

"What's there to worry about? No ones here. We saw it go up in flames,
only that freaky caretaker was here, and he's long gone." Casey
smirked, Helen and Mark gave out a little giggle, but Anne didn't.

"Why do we have to do this here? Why are we doing it?" Anne asked.

"Why Not?" said Casey

"Don't be a dick Casey!" Anne exclaimed.

"OK Anne! It's just a Ouji Board, it's not like they really work!"

"So why are we doing it Casey?"

"Just shut up!" shrieked Helen to Anne, "It's just a bit of fun, why
don't you go home if you're so bothered?"

"Maybe I will!" At this Anne started to make her way back through the
ruins of the old high school, what were left of it after it blew up.

"Loser!" muttered Casey, Helen and Mark laughed. "OK! This is it. You

"Yeah!" said Helen, a bit nervously

"Whatever!" Mark said coolly as ever.

They sat down in a circle, which the Ouji board in the middle, they
all put a finger on the glass and then Casey asked

"Is there anyone there?" The glass slowly moved towards "yes,"

"OH MY GOD! WHICH ONE OF YOU IS DOING THAT?" asked Helen, quite scared
by now.

"Not Me!" exclaimed Mark and Casey at the same time.

"Whatever," said Casey, "Lets carry on."

Helen was quite nervous by now, she was scared, she wasn't expecting
anything to happen.

"Who were you?" Casey asked, as he watched the glass, it moved again,
and pointed to the letters G, E, O, R, G, and E.

"George?" Mark muttered. "Who's George?"

The glass began to shake angrily it violently it moved to T, H, E, C,
A, R, E, T, A, K, E, R.

"The Caretaker?" Casey asked, "Isn't he dead?"

"Isn't that kind of the point of this?" Said Mark.

"Whatever!" Said Casey, "I know one of you is behind this, I don't
remember no George!"

"As If!" Said Helen, we know its you, this stuff isn't even real!"

"Well then!" said Casey quietly, "We'll find out now! GEORGE WHOEVER

At this it all went silent, and then they all looked at each other and
started to giggle, then the floor started to shake, the glass shoot
out of their hands and landed on "YES!" There was a bright light, and
more shaking. But then it stopped. All was silent and dark again,
apart from a small ball of light inside the glass. They looked at each
other in shock. Then Helen quickly rose to her feet.

"This isn't funny any more you tw….!" She had stopped, Casey and Mark
didn't know why. She looked in pain, then she rose from the ground,
then they noticed, she had a mop through her stomach, and she was
suspended in the air. Then moved to the side and they saw it…the
horrible…disfigured, ghost. Helen was there, dead, attached to the
mop; the ghost opened its mouth and said,

"Remember me now?!"

The ghost was burnt, all over, his skin melted and hanging off! He

Mark jumped up and ran for the door, he got passed George and then he
cackled evil. Mark ran down the corridor, as fast as he could, then he
heard a sound behind him, he looked round and George was chasing after
him with the floor cleaning machine. He was getting faster, and
faster. Mark ran round the corner and bang into someone.

"ANNE!" Mark screamed, "I thought you'd gone!"

"Mark, what wrong? What was that noise?"

"There's no time to explain! He's coming!"

"Who?" Anne asked

"ME!" Mark was being lifted up off the floor by a rubbish picker, and
then thrown onto the floor. From where he once stood, now stood
George. Anne screamed, and turned around, and ran.

"ANNE WAIT!" Mark screamed, but Anne was running, and he tried to, but
George stood there with his floor cleaner, Mark tried to run away, he
couldn't get up, so he crawled. But he wasn't fast enough. George ran
at him with the floor cleaner and ran over him with it. It chopped him
in to pieces. He was gone.

"NOOOOOO!" Screamed Anne, she ran back, "Why, why are you doing this?"

"You called me! I'll see you soon" At this George just disappeared and
left the Remains of Mark, and Anne, who lay there crying on the floor.

She sat their crying for at least 30 minutes, she couldn't bring
herself to move. Then she heard it.


It was Casey, he was still alive. She ran down the corridor, "CASEY!
WHERE ARE YOU?" she ran around screaming. She couldn't find him, where
was he, then she say him, lying on the floor, by the stairs. "CASEY,"
She ran up to him, he was hurt, badly. "Casey are you OK?"

"Anne, I thought you'd gone"

"I came back, come on, we have to go, George, he'll come for us!"

"I can't move, he beat me with a broom, but I escaped, then I fell
down the stairs. You need to stop him, you have to."

"How Casey, how can I? I'm not as strong as him! Why is he doing

"We called him, he came, not he's getting revenge for all the things
we did to him"

"But it wasn't just us." Anne said, starting to cry.

"I know. But were here now."

"How do I stop him?" Asked Anne rising to her feet!

"The Glass!"

Then she heard a noise, George came from round the corner with a
Lawnmower. He ran up to Casey and lunged at him with it. Anne knew he
was dead. So she ran, and ran, and ran. It seemed like she has been
running for hours. She knew she had to hide, she couldn't find an
exit, and the ones she could has collapsed during the explosion. She
saw a small room, and ran it, and locked the door. Then she looked
around and realised where she was.

She was in George's room; she saw the Ouji board on the floor, then
George, stood there in the corner. He had a pair of tree trimmers in
his hand. Anne knew this was it for her. Even if she could reach the
door in time, she wouldn't be able to open it.

"Ready to die Anne?" George asked, but the she noticed and thought
back to what Casey has told her, the glass

"THE GLASS!" She shouted

"What?" George asked?

"The Glass, you're not going to kill me, or anyone else!" She ran
across the room and picked up the glass with the small ball of light
in it.

"No Anne, NO! I WONT GO BACK AGAIN!" George screamed.

"It's too late now" She threw the glass on the floor, it smashed and a
bright white light flooded the room. Anne was blinded by it. And then
it was gone, she was alone in the room. She got up, and slowly
unlocked the door and walked out.

She walked around the school and looked for an exit. Eventually she
found one and walked out. As she walked away, she didn't know what to
do first, tell Mark, Casey and Helen parent what had happened, go to
the police or just go home and cry, but she knew she has to get away
from the school.

But as she walked, she heard a low laugh, more like a cackle, coming
from inside the school.
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