The Ghost of Richard III Visits William Shakespeare

The Ghost of Richard III Visits William Shakespeare

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The Ghost of Richard III Visits William Shakespeare

I was sitting at my desk in my candle-lit room, a gentle breeze made
the candle flicker and a chill ran down my spine. I remember having a
strange feeling, as if there was another spirit present, it is hard to
explain, but it was nothing like I had ever felt before. The breeze
was making me shiver and it was getting colder as time passed, I
picked up my lantern and walked across to the window and pulled it to,
but still left it slightly ajar, I liked the feel of the air, but
today it did not feel the same.

I walked back to my desk and placed my lantern down again. My room was
becoming duller as the seconds ticked by.

It was eight in the evening, I thought I would have written something
by now. I picked up my quill and sat and thought, and thought, and
thought. Nothing! My mind was somewhere else, but I did not know
where. I moved across the room to look out of the window at the stars.
Distant in the darkening sky.

I sat and watched by my attention was distracted by a light banging
sound, although quiet it startled me. I looked over and my small pot
of ink had been tipped over, spilled across my paper. I walked over to
my desk and picked up the pot with what was left of the ink. Of the
little work I had done, it was ruined, impaired, and un-readable! I
screwed the paper into a tiny ball and threw it onto a pile along with
several others.

I figured I would not get much work done any time soon so I put away
my quill and what was left of the ink, I picked up my lantern and
walked across to the door. I became aware that my door was slightly
ajar. I closed it and walked back. I was startled, were my eyes
playing tricks on me? I doubt it. There standing by my desk was

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something un-imaginable, something that shocked me more than I knew
possible, a ghost.

The Ghost of Richard the Third.

I did not know how to react, I was shocked, too shocked to move, to
scared to know what was going on. THE Richard Plantagenet. He had died
over one hundred years ago and he was standing right in front of me.
Walking towards me.

A faint voice came from the figure,


That is all that was said!

"Why what?" I replied

"Why did you destroy me? What did I do to deserve this? People will
think of me as a criminal, a murderer, un-worthy of my titles! I was
killed a hero, a legend, now I am thought of as a villain and all
because one person twisted the truth!

"You made people think I murdered Lady Anne, when you know that is not
what happened. When she died I felt hurt, destroyed, like I could not
go on! I loved her, my years with her were better than I imagined life
to be and you made people think I murdered her!"

"I did not……. I mean….. It is a fictional play, not factual, anyone
who reads it will know that!"

I did not know what to say, but I had to fine a way to convince him
that this would be a reputable play.

"Just because something in history is unknown does not mean you can go
around accusing people. I had nothing to do with them I did not kill
anyone for my personal gain. Only in battle was death on my mind, and
that was for the safety of my country, my family, NOT myself!"

Richard was infuriated! With me! I know he had every reason to be, but
I was afraid, of a spirit, a figure, maybe just a part of my mind, not

"My intention was not to destroy you, only to show how the truth can
be perceived for our entertainment. I never meant to destroy anyone's
view of the truth, only to entertain them with a fictional tale." I
nervously replied.

"Whether it was your intention or not, you still portrayed the past
incorrectly and made me into a monster! Not who I really was! I was a
worthy leader and a wise one. I was neither someone who was as selfish
nor shallow as you have created me to be, I was not deformed nor 'a
bottle spider'. He replied angrily.

"There is only one thing about me that you got right, that I was
courageous and would have done anything for my country! If I had to
live my life again I would live it the same, I have no regrets!"

I felt bad, I had made a generous gentleman out to be a malevolent
monster. All I ever wanted to do was write, not create false truth.
How could I change it? I did not want to. People would still see him
as a hero. I was sure of it! I just had to show him that.

In defence of t he play I offered,

"I am sorry for giving people the impression that you were evil, but
it is merely entertainment, false truth! The people that read this
know that and their view of you will not be changed. You are still
seen as the fearless, brace and courageous King that you were!"

Just as I finished speaking, I looked over at Richard. He was standing
motionless. I walked towards him but he was starting to dwindle. Had I
changed his mind about my play? Was he still the hero?

I really hope so!
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