Wealth and Poverty

Wealth and Poverty

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Wealth and Poverty

The christen teaching on wealth and poverty is that all men should be
equal and thus every one should have the same amount of money as
everyone else and that good christens should give away their wealth to
people that were poorer than them selves. In the bible Jesus said to a
man who asked what he should do to enter into heaven: "Go thy way,
sell whatsoever thou hast, and give to the poor, and thou shalt have
treasure in heaven: and come, take up the cross, and follow me." (Mark
7: 21) . Although Jesus did not condemn wealth, he merely taught how
hard it is for a wealth man to "how hard is it for them that trust in
riches to enter into the kingdom of God! It is easier for a camel to
go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the
kingdom of God". After he said this, his disciples where shocked: "And
they were astonished out of measure, saying among themselves, Who then
can be saved? And Jesus looking upon them saith, with men it is
impossible, but not with God: for with God all things are possible."
(Mark 10:27). The disciples where so astonished because the teachings
of the time stated that riches where given by god as assign of

Amos, a profit acknowledged by both the Christian and Jewish
religions. Amos also sheared Jesus' view that it was very hard for
rich people to get into heaven, but not because of their riches alone,
but because of the way that they acted. He believed that the rich
should give aid to the poor, and he taught that social injustices such
as this were a sin and he considered that the rich peoples worship to
be a sham. Of all the people that caused injustices Amos said that the
rich wives where responsible for the most, and he often called them
'The Cows Of Bashan'

There is need for world development because there are over 600 million

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people living in the poverty and only 25% of countries in the world
are classed as developed. All the other developing countries share
problems these are a high level of malnutrition; as even though the
world produces enough grain to enable every human to consume over 3000
calories per day 80 % of this is used only by the developed world. 3rd
world countries also have a high level of illiteracy this is due to
the large amount of debt that the countries s of the developing world
are in. This has lead to the campaign to abolish world dept. Another
thing that all 3rd world countries have in common is the lack of clean
drinking water facilities because of this over 25 million people die
each year from water borne illnesses. Another problem associated with
the 3rd world is that there is a lack of medical care. This combined
with the poor water facilities lead to serious health problems. All
these problems together clearly show that there is a major need for
world development.

A teaching that both Jews and Christians shear is that many strict
members of both religions give 10% of their financial earnings each
year to charity and aid groups. In this way religious aid groups such
as Christian aid are funded. These groups carry out a verity of work
associated with world development, such as build churches, missionary
training canters and, more recently, factories that produce medicines,
in countries that cannot afford to import the medication. . Christian
aid also provides aid during emergencies such as floods, earth quakes,
and wars. The work is carried out by church going volunteers and
students. World development is needed so that all people get an equal
chance in life.

Jewish tradition has always been aware of the importance of allowing
poorer people access to loans. Indeed, in Maimonides' famous
description of the eight levels of charity, the highest level is
lending money to, or going into partnership with, a poor person so
that they can become self-supporting. In biblical times, the laws of
the sabbatical year and the jubilee were created. In the sabbatical
(seventh) year there was to be a remission of debts: "At the end of
every seven-year period you shall have a relaxation of debts, which
shall be observed as follows. Every creditor shall relax his claim on
what he has loaned his neighbour; he must not press his neighbour, his
kinsman, because a relaxation in honour of the Holy One has been
proclaimed." (Deuteronomy 15). In the jubilee (50th) year, land, which
had been sold to pay of debts, was to be returned to its original
owners, and slaves were to be freed. This is told in the book Levticus
between chapters 24 & 25. The sage Hillel maintained a spirit of this
tradition in Talmudic times, even as he radically altered the law. He
created the law of the prosbul to ensure that commercial credit would
still be available even just before a sabbatical year. The great
academies of the time accepted that the poor needed to have access to
credit, but also that lenders were right to expect it to be paid back.
But through all this legislation, biblical and rabbinic, it is clear
that one aspect of lending and borrowing money was completely
forbidden - the charging of excessive interest. We must assume that
the sages recognized how easy it was for interest to escalate and ruin
people. In modern times we know that reasonable rates of interest are
essential to enable normal financial life to continue.

I do not agree with the quote "There should be no rich people in the
world as long as there is poverty in the world". I believe this
because if there where no rich people, the whole world would be living
in poverty. Economically there would be little money as no one would
have enough money to pay any one or invest, so no new money would be
produced, and so there would be no way that any one could get out of
poverty, similar to the great depression of the 30's; There would be
no richer people who would be able to finically support poorer people
and pull them above the poverty line. There would be no houses r power
or any of the luxuries that we enjoy to day, civilisation would
repress to the stone age as I have mentioned earlier: there would be
no incentive to work as there would be no one who could afford to pay
wages of any sort, because wealth does not only come from money, it
could be in the form of food, clothes etc.

There Christian teaching on wealth is that riches are not a bad thing,
but Jesus stated that the difficulty that rich people, who would not
help others, would have getting into heaven. On the other side of the
argument it could be said that wealth corrupts, and the people that
have it often only ant more and will not willingly give away their
money to any man, woman, child or charity. As the old cliché say
"Absolute power corrupts absolutely".
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