The Importance of Peer Groups in the Process of Socialization and Learning Gender Roles

The Importance of Peer Groups in the Process of Socialization and Learning Gender Roles

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The Importance of Peer Groups in the Process of Socialization and Learning Gender Roles

This essay is about the process of socialisation, which takes place in
everyone's lives. I am trying to find out whether peer groups are
important in the process of socialisation.

Socialisation means learning your culture, norms, beliefs, and values.

Peer groups are people that are your age and they can influence you.

Gender roles are things that influence people in different ways,
depending on how that person takes it.

We become socialised by our parents who we see from birth and copy
what they do. We also become socialised by our peer groups i.e. we
copy the clothes they buy, Media plays quite a important role to i.e.
we watch T.V which shows us loads of things we don't know and how we
can approach those things and do them. The latest theory that we know
of is that peer groups are more important in socialisation than
parents. Its been said that, to ask a child to be like there parents
is like asking a chicken to be like a cow. Peer groups can influence
us by the clothes they wear, the way they speak, the way they treat
other people. You can get different peer groups like the popular who
know all the latest gossip like whose going out with who, they also
very laid back and cool, they are all leaders not followers, they all
hang around in large groups.

The next group is the jocks, they care about their grades, they are
also people who are a little less known, and they are not bothered
about what people think of them.

The normals are people who are not that well known, they have about
5-6 very good friends, and they don't want to be popular.

Loners are people who don't have any friends, they don't dress right
to join other groups, and they sit by themselves and tend to get

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People want to conform (fit in to) groups because they don't
want to be loners. Peer groups can teach people gender roles by
telling them if you don't do this you cannot stay in our group.

I think my peer groups have effected me by my what they eat what they

I think peer groups are more effective in the process of socialisation
than parents. People could argue about this, but this is my opinion.
As people do have different opinions. I have my own opinion so am sure
you do aswell. To aspect any bullying is not right people should not
do it, they should tell someone about it. They could tell a teacher, a
friend, family, or a councillor. Children can talk to the school nurse
she may be able to help, or even the teacher he or she can help you a
lot. They make it stop
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