Tourism's Effect on Areas

Tourism's Effect on Areas

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Tourism's Effect on Areas

National parks attract thousands of tourists every year. In this essay
I am going to explore two of many conflicts that occur in the Lake
District due to tourism. The first is the problem of local shops in a
village or town that are affected due to the increasing rise in
tourism. The second is the problems caused by the large amount of cars
wanting to access popular areas.

Over the years as the numbers of tourists in the Lake district have
increased, there is a great demand to supply tourists with the correct
services. When tourists visit a place they usually will require the
need to buy meals they also often requie accommodation and will often
want to buy souvenirs. So therefore it is vital that the village or
town that they visit has the correct services e.g., gift shops,
restaurants, cafes. Also, as many tourists come to the Lake District
to undertake outdoor activities e.g., mountaineering, walking and
Watersports on the lakes many of the villages and towns also have
shops that sell equipment for these types of activities. Although
these shops bring a lot of money to the area, they often end up
replacing the local shops that were once there, but can no longer
afford to stay in the area as the other shops create too much
competition for them. This consequently causes problems for the local
people, as they now have to travel long distances just to buy their
basic supply of food.

A solution to this problem would be to decrease the amount of tourists
coming to the area by limiting the accommodation in the area. Another
solution would be to open up combined souvenir/gift shops, which also
sells groceries.

The second issue that I am going to explore is the problem that arises
due to the large amounts of tourists visiting popular areas by car. In
peak time, as the amount of people multiplies so does the amount of
cars. The car parks close to the towns or villages are often to small

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and cannot fit the large amounts of cars wanting to park close by,
which causes traffic congestion. This causes noise as well as
atmospheric pollution, which over time will damage the surroundings
and make the place less appealing to the tourists. The congestion will
also affect local business as it is preventing coaches carrying many
tourists entering the area. A simple solution to this problem would be
to build a larger car park but doing this would spoil the landscape
and surroundings, which the tourists come to see. Another solution
would be for the council to stop cars from entering the main areas by
pedestrianising them and then building car parks for the tourists on
the outskirts and then provide them with a 'park and ride' bus
service, this would save on road repairs. But the disadvantages of
doing this is that the tourists can not get to their specific
destination and the tourists may be carrying allot of luggage, so
instead of having specific bus stops they could supply the tourist
with 'hop-on' buses which would make it easier for the tourists.
Although this solution is not ideal it is certainly the most effective
solution to cutting down on the traffic.

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