A Night at Gatsby ´s Mansion

A Night at Gatsby ´s Mansion

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A Night at Gatsby ´s Mansion

There was a clear combination of the people that went to the party,
high society people with lots of money, people with much less money
and new rich people. Gatsby ´s party was the result of an intense
preparation made buy Gatsbys servants. There was a huge amount of the
finest food around, tons of alcohol was served and of course that was
not problem at all for there was a transport system for the wasted
fellows. This was the perfect place for people to show all their
finest suites, it was the place where lights and colors gleamed until
daylight, when the last guests left the party.

It is amazing how people arrived to the party without being invited,
they arrived to the mansion, drunk it all, create a huge mess and then
left, these where all people who hide themselves under bright colorful
dresses, identity was not an important fact at the mansion for it was
impossible to determine how people really where due to the shallowness
of them, but this was of no concern to the host for he was never
around. As I said people got drunk a created a terrible mess for the
servants to clean the day after. What happened outside the manor was
really a show, people dancing inside the pool, others puking in the
bushes, some others trying not to be seen when they consumed drugs,
but for our controvert journalist that was impossible for he was very
concerned about everything that happened in the party.

What might have seemed as the dream party was just an illusion because
what really happened at the party was hiding in an underworld of lies,
as a matter of fact dirty business where taking place mostly with
frequent guests like Meyer Wolfshier the most known gangster in New

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York. But there where also very respectful people that assisted the
party because they where invited, people from the New Yorker

Finally it is very important to mention that although everyone was
very shallow, drunk and maybe part of the mob they had a great time at
Gatsbys house because it was the perfect place to lose all composure
and leave all preoccupations behind and simply have the best of time.
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