Moose Hunting

Moose Hunting

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It was a cold crisp Thursday morning, and three of my buddies and I are about to go moose hunting. We are going down to my cabin in a place called Taylor's Bay, which is about a nine-mile ride from our town by boat. The only way to get to it is by boat, so the weather was good, there was no wind and that would make for a great trip on the water. The weather has to be real bad if I can't get back in my boat because it is a 26 foot fiberglass boat that is really seaworthy and it has a shelter up on the front and that will keep all our supplies dry.

We had planned to stay there from Thursday up until Tuesday, which was providing we didn't get our moose before that, in which case we would leave to come back the following day if we did get lucky and killed one.

My cabin is an old shed that I had rebuilt, it was only small but I got it made into a 3 bedroom cabin with a kitchen and a living room, with a propane stove and propane fridge, and a wood burner for heat. The size is 28 feet long and 24 feet wide. The reason I built it so big was because at the time I had kids but they have grown up and gone now.

Tailors Bay is a small bay that runs inland for about three miles with beautiful hills and trees on both sides and there are two major rivers that run into it. People use to live there one time in a place called Millers passage, but after the government resettled everyone back in the 60's everyone moved out. It is really a nice peaceful place to go hunting, fishing, or even camping and there. Usually there isn't many people around the bay so you are usually successful getting your moose.

They're three main places where we hunt in Taylor's Bay, the first being a place called Jackie's woods, it's the closest place to the cabin it's about a 20 min walk up a old road where there use to be telegraph poles, and its easy to get the four wheeler there to bring anything out if we are lucky to kill something.

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There are a lot of marshes in front of a big field of woods and there's always moose in this area. Besides if we don't see anything there sometimes we send people up to the other end of the woods and walk through them, making a lot of noise hoping to scare something out.

The second place is called Black Toms pond, this is the best area to hunt but it is hard to get a shot at anything there. The area is mostly open, with a few small patches of woods around a pond, and on one side of the pond it is mostly rock, and this is the way you got to go to get there. We have noticed that during the mating season this is where a lot of moose hang around this area.

The third place is called Taylor's Bay valley. This area is a hard place to get your moose out of if you're lucky enough to kill one. You have to walk for about an hour even before you start to hunt. The terrain is so rugged with its steep rocky slopes and very thick woods; it's impossible to get a four-wheeler in there. So you have to carry it on your back usually for about two hours before you can put it on the four-wheeler. But we keep this place as a last resort, incase we don't get nothing at the other two areas.

Finally we arrive at the cabin. The first thing we got to do is to pack away all the supplies, before we can go have a look around the bay, just to see if there's anything or anybody around.

As we get ready to leave we here a boat coming out of the bay, this was the guy who takes care of the mussel farm in the bay. He stopped and asked us if we were moose hunting, we told him yes and he said, "there's a big bull about a mile inside. Just before you get to Hemlock cove."

Could this be the break we've been waiting for. So I started the motor and we were off. We decided to go in and stay close to shore that way as we come around the point of land where he seen the moose if it is still there, we should get a shot at it.

As we slow down and turn the point, we see him, and what a big animal it is. They start to shoot at him and as soon as I hear the first shot, I see the big bull drop to his knees. I can hear me buddies shout out "we got him."

We cleaned the bull and put it back aboard the boat and headed back to the cabin. When we arrived back we had decided to spend the night and return home the next day. Leaveing the cabin around 12 p.m. That would give us plenty of time to clean the moose after we got home.

The trip was only a short one but it was something you had to enjoy. Leaving home early that morning and thinking you would be hunting for two or three day and being lucky to kill a moose the first day there. But we certainly enjoyed that evening in the cabin, with a few beverages and talking about other trips we have had down to Taylor's Bay, hunting and fishing.
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