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Finding the Time

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1. It all began in the Hundson by the unforgettable Kuatskill Mountain. There was a man named Rip Van winkle. He was living in a little village that was founded by the Dutch Colonists, in the early times of the province, just about the beginning of the government of the good Peter Stuyvesant (449). Rip Van Winkle was a kind of man who takes things very easy. Therefore he moved from time he hates, to the time where he doesn't recall, and then to his preference.

2. He was the kind of person who wants to help everybody. He have been known and loved by all kids in the village. Even no dogs would bark at him. On the other hand Rip van Winkle at his house he was unable to keep his farm in order and to help do his family duties. Even his children are in a bad condition, they wear old ragged second-hand clothes. Besides the dominance and aggressiveness of his wife, he was satisfied with his own life and his idleness. His dog and best friend wolf shows the same traits of character as Rip and suffers in the same way from the punishments and the sharp tongue of Rip's wife. The only liberty he has is to escape to frequent a club of idle persons of the village. Poor Rip was at last reduced almost to despair; and his only alternative to escape from the labor of the farm and the clamor of his wife, was to take gun in hand, and stroll away into the woods (452).

3. One fine day in autumn, he took his dog and his gun to a wood. He went to the mountains, to over look all the lower country and see the beautiful Hudson River in some distance. In the late afternoon he starts descending being aware of encountering again the terrors of his wife. But suddenly he hears a voice calling his name, but Rip can't see anything. In the belief of being deceived he continues his way home, but once again he hears the voice. Being full of fear, both Rip and his dog wolf look in one direction and discover a stranger with a heavy keg full of liquor on his shoulders trying to ascend the mountain. Rip was surprised to see a stranger in this lonely landscape and he wonders why the old man with a beard is dressed in old traditional Dutch clothes.

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Being shy and distrustful Rip shows his readiness to help and both ascend the mountain together. They walk through the mountains. They reach a kind of cave where a lot of these strange-looking and traditional- dressed strangers are playing nine-pints. They stopped playing and start drinking the liquor Rip's companion fills from the keg into large flagons. Rip was full of fear, but finally he tastes the liquor which seems to be and excellent Dutch one and starts drinking more and more. For this reason he finally lost control of him-self and falls into deep sleep.

4. Then after he walks up on a sunny morning thinking that it is just the next day. He was totally confused didn't know how he find his gun rusted, and all his effort to find his dog are in vain. Then while he was confused, he starts his way home ward thinking he'll find his dog, but so scared how to explain all the events to his termagant wife. After seeing his village grown and more populated, he couldn't even believe that he had been away for a long time. He has been in deep sleep for twenty years. Far from everyone and everything. Rip didn't even realize how he spends his 20 years sleeping. After returning to the village, he couldn't recall a single person. And no one seems to remember him. Rip can't believe it, everything changed in only one night. Suddenly in his despair, having lost his courage, he cries out. Then after a young women with her child approached which causes some recollections in Rip's mind. Rip then found out that this woman is his daughter who was told that her father went away many years ago and never came back. Furthermore, Rip is told, that his dominant wife died, too. This reveals a new spirit of life in poor Rip Van Winkle.

5. Even though it cost him his twenty years, finding his nagging wife dead was certainly a relief for Rip. When he was living a life suffers from the punishments and the sharp tongue of his wife, all he was able to do was hiding in the inn. Finally, with out his intention, he forwards his time of nightmare by twenty years. Finding himself free from his nagging wife was an initiation of his new life.

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