Free Essays on Terrorism: Bomb The Bastards Back to the Stone Age

Free Essays on Terrorism: Bomb The Bastards Back to the Stone Age

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Bomb The Bastards Back to the Stone Age


The terrorists groups Hamas and al-Qaida have their foundations in Islam. Both of these organizations have interpreted the teachings of Islam in a violent manner. Al-Qaida calls for the founding of a "pan-Islamic Caliphate" to overthrow and expel Westerners". Hamas views any attempts at peace as turning over control to "non-believers", and they refuse to take part in any efforts for peace. Bill Clinton's previous inaction on embassy bombings and terrorists' threats has never prevented further violent action by either one of these groups.


The United States must realize the enemy this country is now facing. The philosophy in the Middle East is one of retaliation and the appearance of strength. The members of both al-Qaida and Hamas are willing to die for their cause. Suicidal attacks are common, and they will not back down or look weak.


America's course of action has always been to attempt diplomacy and peace talks. Any loss of American lives proves to be unacceptable to this country. Pulling out of a country where fellow countrymen are put at risk seems completely logical to Americans, but this action appears weak and cowardly to these terrorist organizations.


The worst possible course of action that the United States could take would be to pull out of the Middle East. Because of the militant philosophy of both of these religious groups, inaction will not bring peace. Although pulling out would make sense from the American point of view, it would be seen as weakness from the point of view of al-Qaida and Hamas. These groups would take this failure to retaliate as a victory and simply continue their attacks more aggressively. A strong showing is the only language these terrorists will understand.

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When the United States takes into account who it is dealing with, the fact remains that no alternative to aggressions exists. The loss of lives for the present would be nothing compared to the magnitude of future attacks if these two terrorists groups are handed a victory. The United States must make a strong showing and assert its power over these cowardly organizations.
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