My Personal Survival Kit

My Personal Survival Kit

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Imagine that you are being isolated on a remote island for approximately one year. What would you take with you in order to survive, excluding nutrition, medicine, clothing, energy, room and board, and safety needs (our basic needs)? I call this a survival kit. In general, I may divide my survival kit into four basic personal needs. These are entertainment apparatus, things that I already own, things that you don't own but want, and, the last but not least, people. Generally, I want to take something that is not in vain. By having my survival kit, I can manage to accomplish my social and esteem needs.

First, I would like to take my best friends who have similar hobbies and interests. I think it is better to bring friends rather family or relatives because I can have intriguing adventures with my friends, throw a party or share my happiness and unforgettable memories with them. Sometimes family has more important things to do. This might be the best opportunity I can have with my friends, taking them to an island, spending a year there and getting to know each other better than before. For me and my friends, we have been waiting for this rare opportunity.

I love playing music (especially the drums) with my friends. We used to have a band and play music together. Since all of us are going to college, we do not have time to meet with each other and play songs together. It will be very nice to gather all of my friends and play music again. I think we are completing each other with our pluses and minuses. I have to bring my friends to provide happiness, accomplishments and to relieve me when I am down in the dumps.

Personally, I would take 86-inch TV and all its odds and ends such as bose speakers, sound system, DVD/CD/VCD/VCR player with the movies, equalizer, antenna, cable television service, and, the most important, surge protector to protect all of the equipment. I like this entertainment system very much, I can sit, relax, and watching movies. In addition, I do not want to be blind to the recent current affairs in today's world. I might as well watch news to be aware of the world's development, domestically and globally. This influences me personally and socially because I can enjoy myself by killing the time and watching great movies. In addition, my mind is also opened to what happened outside the island.

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I think having an entertainment system is very important and compulsory for me and maybe applies the same to others.

Fancy cars would be handy if I take them to the island. I have been longing for Hummer H2, Land Rover Discovery, and Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VIII with a hue of blue color because I am very fond of blue color, off-road and rally. It would also be very fun to learn off-road and rally using Hummer H2, Land Rover Discovery, and, of course Evo VIII. I like to practice the way they push the gas pedal and break pedal together to make severe turns. I'm not a chicken-hearted person who likes to stay at home. I'm very fond of adventuring and exploring erratic places. Additionally, I want to modify the Lancer into supercar with machine revving like a tiger, and with an ethereal nakamichi sound system. I can call this as a project when I'm in the island for the whole year. This project fulfils my grievances in automobile because modifying cars whet my knowledge and skills in mechanics. For me, turning a car into something I like is quite a personal achievement for me because I will be very satisfied if I can do so once in a blue moon.

For sports, I like playing badminton. As a Chinese descendant, it is common for us to play badminton. Badminton makes my hometown, Indonesia, earn fame throughout the world. I will make the badminton court with all the equipments like Yonex racket, Yonex shuttlecocks, Yonex badminton shoes, and net. It makes me healthy, fit, and unstressed if I play badminton. Badminton makes all of my muscles contracts healthily that can lead me to a Spartan life. I hope I can be a master in badminton when I leave the isolated island although it seems out of the question, but one I know is every oak must be an acorn. For me, it is better to start playing badminton as an amateur and earn fame little by little rather than being in nine day's wonder.

Based on the detailed explanation above, I can never live a merry life for a month of Sundays without the presence of those things, referred as my personal survival kit. I accede that everyone has to have more than just basic personal needs to survive in his new environment that seems Greek to him.
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