Closing and Reopening of the American Theatres

Closing and Reopening of the American Theatres

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England was split into two worlds during Elizabeth's reign. There was the world of Whitehall (The Court) and the world of the country. The country saw the establishment of the Puritan tradition. The Puritans were essentially anti-culture and were considered enemies of art and popular culture, the Puritans believed in piety, austerity and sobriety not only in dressing but also in manners. Thus they were driving people weary and making them long for a change and seek entertainment and pleasure.

The stage and the drama

Elizabethan reign saw a sudden rise in the standards of the drama. The number of dramatic works increased along with the quality of writing.

The plays were not only performed in theatres but special performances were staged in the court. Some actors who were successful did not need to go to peaces to perform, people cane to see their plays.

There was lack of professional bands of actors. Therefore those bands which found most success were patronized by the court. The Earls of Essex, Pembroke and others all had their own bands. Certain troops became so famous that people thronged to see them, therefore leading to the opening of theatres. The first playhouse "the theatre" opened in 1577 and the famous "the Globe" opened in 1599.

closing and reopening of the theatres

The puritans were against the theatres. They saw corruptible traits emerging through the costume world of theatre. They were particularly against having boys playing the parts of females. they protested against these factors and closed down several theatres while demolishing the others.

Until the 1660's there weren't any theatres or drama companies left. With the restoration of Charles II, (who was exiled in 1642), in1660, England was brought into the modern age. People became more open and less conservative. The 17th century England questioned the supremacy of God and church. It shifted from heavenliness to earthliness.

Two new theatres were built - "theatre Royal" and the Duke's theatre. Both the theatres were completely modern with latest inventions to provide for the scenery and machinery for the plots.

Due to the restoration of drama, the English society underwent a major breakthrough.

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They became more frank and for them the sanctity of marriage became just a name.

This period known as the Restoration period was famous for Comedies based on the common themes of love, sex and cuckoldry .these were a satire on the free life of 17th century England.

Thus, the theatres closed down because of the puritan beliefs but the 17th century England got them reopened for pleasure and entertainment.

Sources - and an essay by "Shyamala A narayan"
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