How Can Literature Contribute to an Understanding of Past History?

How Can Literature Contribute to an Understanding of Past History?

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Literature is creative writing of recognized artistic value. Literature represents the very best of human expression. We read and celebrate Literature for many reasons. A few of these reasons are,- to be inspired, to be delighted, to embark on incredible ventures and others.

Literature has many purposes, and opens doors to unique worlds. Through Literature, we discover ourselves and world time and again.

The study of Literature can enrich our lives in all kinds of ways. This study is a part of our cultural heritage. Literature is a very effective way of understanding a culture of a particular time, of a particular class and of a social group.

Literature can be entertaining, funny, beautiful and tragic. It takes us beyond our limited experience of Live to show us the lives of the other people at other times. We are intellectually and emotionally stirred by studying Literature.

The study of Literature lends to an understanding of our history, our society and sometimes ourselves. With Literature, we see the Countries and People as they were. We experience the different climates,language and tone.

Literature also gives us glimpses of much earlier ages. These glimpses take our imaginations back to the roots of our culture, in some instances. The study of Literature, through our history, enhances our understanding of our modern world.

Places that are written about in Literature are more interesting to us as we wish to visit these places to compare and contrast.

Images come to mind with landscape, climate and culture. We can analyze causes and effects and we can evaluate social change and social values through Literature.

We read about characters confronting life experiences in some way like our own and sometimes find ourselves caught up with the struggles of a character. Each reader gets a new and unique event and the words speak to us now, telling us the truths about human life which are relevant to all times. Literature enriches us by putting words to feelings.

The authors of Literature communicate things personally to us, one individual to another. This can help to validate our personal experience first time, it helps to have books written by people who have been there before.

Literature allows reflection. It helps us to shape our own thoughts. It builds on rich histories of thought and expression. Literature represents and explores the ways in which the world is viewed and experienced by people in that society.

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Literature captures the complexities of the human situation illustrating the grounds and the meanings of values and the nuances of our experiences. It gives a sense of identity and community. Literature teaches us to be more alert to ideas, feelings and images.

Literature enlarges and refines our understanding of Life. The study of Literature is based upon interpretation and analysis. Whether we choose to study Literature for pleasure or education, when we look back over our Literature, we are looking back over incredible richness.

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