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Affirmative Action Speech

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I. Introduction

A. There are two kids applying to a college. Both have the same GPA, extracurricular activities, and test grades. They should score the same on their admission policies, but one has a grandfather who came from Mexico. That person qualifies as being a poorly represented ethnicity and all of the sudden qualifies for acceptance when the other person does not. That just isn't fair.

B. Affirmative Action is a poor attempt of ending racism because it is in fact only justifying racism by its own actions of taking preferences.

C. Today we will go over three main areas involved with why affirmative action is such a poor policy:

1. Because AA uses discrimination to end previous discrimination.

2. Its unfairness towards you and me.

3. and Because it is unfair to give special privileges.

II. Body

A. Affirmative Action uses discrimination to end the previous discrimination of our ancestors. This is a large and growing problem in our country.

1. It was originated by President Johnson to ensure that applicants are employed, and that employees are treated without regard to their race, creed, color, or national origin.

# Affirmative Action grew rapidly and is now used in most college and job admission programs.

# Today its policies judge people solely on skin color and gender and sex.

# Its use today is now going against what it's intentions were in in 1965.

2. This problem is caused by the many colleges and companies using this program and being stubborn in their views over a possible change.

# At Stanford, there has been discrimination in favor of racial minorities in admissions.

# The Students began protesting because the racial preferences promoted in Affirmative Action were actually just promoting discrimination.

3. Affirmative Action causes so many problems because it is very common that the best candidate does not get admitted into a college or for a job.

4. Many students here, in this classroom, will or has seen the affects through their college admissions.

B. Affirmative Action should be abolished completely for all levels of admission.

1. There should be no program used for admissions that involves any preferences whether it deals with legacy, race, or location.

2. There would be no costs, no time involved, but just that each admission program looks at ones qualities, not their skin color.

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C. As you all may know, there is a National debate on The University of Michigan's admission process.

1. President Bush has recently showed his distaste over U of M's Policy.

# He quoted the policy as being "fundamentally flawed" and that it "unfairly penalizes or rewards students based solely on their race" .

# He even showed examples of schools such as colleges in Texas, California, and Florida where race is not used as a criterion and have received positive feedback.

# This has been causing Affirmative Action to be on a large debate.

2. The reasons why University of Michigan's admission policy is unfair are numerous.

# The points awarded to an underrepresented ethnicity are 20 on their 150 scale.

# These points are the difference in having a 3.0 and a 4.0.

# That is not taking the best and most qualified person for admission.

D. Imagine a world with no racism, a world with no hate, a world that has equal opportunities for all.

1. If you would want that world, there is no possibility for quick change, but we must take one step at a time. Removing Affirmative Action would be the first step.

2. This will help everyone because it will give those a better incentive of doing their best because they will not be given preferences.

3. This elimination of Affirmative Action will eliminate reverse discrimination, which will be the first step as to elimination discrimination in itself.

III. Conclusion

A. Affirmative Action is unfair to all of us because it gives special privileges, which is in fact using discrimination to try to end it

1. This is justifying racism through its programs own actions.

B. As Martin Luther King once said, " I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a world where they are not judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character."

1. We can only dream of reaching that world by eliminating Affirmative Action.

C. I am asking you to take a stand against Affirmative Action and support equality of all US citizens.

Surely I will be there by your side proposing this change!

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