Importance of Education

Importance of Education

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The benefits of education are endless. The personal satisfaction and feeling of accomplishment upon receiving a college degree is one that cannot easily be topped. College education is becoming even more important than it has been in the past. A bachelor's degree is now becoming a minimum requirement for many jobs that previously only required a high school degree. True, a college education nowadays is expensive, however, the return on your investment can be almost certainly guaranteed. The pros of education far exceed the cons. It is important for one to have an education for one's own satisfaction, as well as better job opportunities and it is a good investment for one's future.

Obtaining a college degree is a wonderfully fulfilling experience. Obtaining the degree requires a certain level of commitment, perseverance and patience. The hard work and effort that most people have to put in to obtain a college degree greatly contributes to the satisfaction one feels at the completion of that work. A college degree would be highly regarded in one's social life as well one's career. A person with a college degree is generally looked upon as more intelligent than one without a degree.

A quick look at the classified section proves that most good jobs require, at a minimum, a bachelor's degree. Many more jobs prefer a master's degree. Companies in the United States have been shifting to a preference for college degrees, sometimes even over job experience. Not having a college degree can greatly hinder your chances of advancing within a company. Many qualified people are repeatedly looked over for job advancements for candidates that have college degrees and may or may not have as much experience. Companies are generally more confident in the competency of a college graduate than one without a degree.

It is a well known fact that the cost of a college education can be inhibitive for many people. It seems that with every new school year, the price of tuition and books is increased. Sending a child to college can be a substantial financial drain on the average American family, however, the return on the investment will be well worth the cost. According to Earnings of College Graduates in 1996, written by Theresa Cosca, the median earnings for a college graduate were nearly seventy-five percent more than a high school graduate's earnings.

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Besides the financial benefits, the benefit of learning that comes with a college education is immeasurable.

The importance of a college education is incalculable. The three points listed above are the most concrete reasons why someone would want to pursue an education, however, the list goes on and on. A college education is the surest way to get a sense of personal satisfaction, acquire good job opportunities as well as maintain financially stability.

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