The Importance of Diversity (College Entrance Paper)

The Importance of Diversity (College Entrance Paper)

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Part One

The topic of diversity should be a very important part of a large organization for a few reasons. The book touched on a few of them. One reason is the improved ability to gain market shares. The reason for this is that if the managers understand many diverse markets that can in return help many diverse people and then bring in more sales. This chapter discussed the ideas of prejudice, stereotype, discrimination, and tokenism. These terms are very important when it comes to the idea of diversity. Prejudice is a preconceived opinion about somebody that will lead to a stereotype. Discrimination is the act of treating somebody different based upon a stereotype or prejudice, and tokenism is the very few members of a group in an organization. These ideas play a large role in the way a business approaches diversity. Many businesses have diversity rules against stereotypic groups such as women, elders, and other minorities. Some businesses go too far and create what is called reverse discrimination, which are inequalities toward those of the majority group in order to help the under protected groups. The under protected groups are normally the minority groups which have less rights and are the smaller group in the organization. At the other end is the majority group, which is the group of people that hold the most positions. The book also describes five different approaches to diversity: "golden rule" approach, assimilation approach, "righting-the-wrongs" approach, culture-specific approach, and the multicultural approach. All of these approaches are used in the ways that diversity policies are presented in an organization. Remember back to what the four parts of an organization are: Planning, Organizing, Influencing, and Controlling and then see again how they affect an organization. These four parts also are worked into diversity and how it is monitored in the workplace. The book also mentions how people can acquire the knowledge of diversity, by attending training sessions. These training sessions help and show how employees can practice the ideas of diversity in the workplace and maybe in their everyday lives.

Part Two

I would not like to do this type of work for a career. This seems to have a lot involved in it and does not interest me for the majority of the time. If I was considering applying for this job I would not mind having to keep things organized and have to multitask.

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I can even have some interest in the computer skills that I would need to have for this. I also have some creativeness and like to solve problems. I would not like to have to control others, because what I normally say is not taken too seriously and I would let a lot slide by me, which would not make good for a manger, especially a diversity manager. I would just let the issues at the time slide by me and hope that they might resolve themselves. But then again I could be good at this job, because I do not like it when people work hard and then are not promoted or rewarded based on their background, or because they are the wrong sex for the job. I believe that can go both ways. Sometimes, women do get promotions over men based on their sex and that should not happen, even though most of the time it is the women who are pushed aside for the man. I do not like to make speeches in front of groups of people or to present my ideas to others having a feeling that what I say will not be liked or looked good upon. Now I do admit that communications with others and speeches are not my skills, but I am working on that and in the future this job might appeal more to me, but right now I would very much not be able to handle this job.

Part Three

I found information on diversity for Wal-Mart and the Coca-Cola company. Each of these companies did a good job of putting their definition of what they believed diversity meant to their company. I think that Wal-Mark did a very good job in covering how diversity affected the entire company and all of those involved in the company. They discussed what they thought the benefits to diversity were, how the effected the current workplace and even discussed how diversity would affect the future development at Wal-Mart. The Coca-Cola Company did not go into as much detail, but they thought diversity directly affected the success of the company, just like Wal-Mart had discussed. For the most part each of these companies support the idea of diversity in the workplace, and are proud to show so on their web sites, and make it easy to find. I went to some sites that made it difficult to find their beliefs on diversity, which made me wonder if they had any at all.
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