Percent Composition by Mass of Oxygen in Potassium Chlorate

Percent Composition by Mass of Oxygen in Potassium Chlorate

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% Composition By Mass of Oxygen in Potassium Chlorate


The purpose of this lab was to calculate the percent composition by mass of oxygen in potassium chlorate.


1.The mass of the crucible and the cover was measured.

2.KClO3 was added to the crucible.

3.The mass of the crucible, cover and KClO3 was measured.

4.MnO2 was added in the crucible.

5.The mass of the crucible, cover, KClO3 and MnO2 was measured.

6.The Bunsen Burner was lit.

7.The covered crucible was placed over the flame of the Bunsen Burner using a ring stand.

8.The flame was waved under the crucible for 2 minutes.

9.The flame was placed directly under the crucible until hot and glowing.

10.The Bunsen Burner was turned off.

11.The mass of the covered crucible was measured once cooled.


Mass of 2KClO3 - Mass of 2KCl = Mass of 3O2

Mass of KClO3 = Mass of crucible, cover and KClO3 (Step # 3) - Mass of crucible and cover (Step # 1)

Mass of O = Mass of crucible, cover, KClO3 and MnO2 after heating (Step # 11) - Mass of crucible, cover, KClO3 and MnO2 before heating (Step # 5)

% composition= __Mass of O_ x 100

Mass of KClO3


Mass of crucible and cover ~ 26.40g

Mass of crucible, cover and KClO3 ~ 28.59g

Mass of crucible, cover, KClO3 and MnO2 ~ 29.55g

Mass of crucible, cover, KClO3 and MnO2 after heating ~ 28.60g


Mass of KClO3: 28.59g - 26.40g = 2.19g

Mass of O2: 29.55g - 28.60g = 0.95g

% Composition by mass: _(29.55g-28.60g) x 100 = 43.40%


Theoretical: _
_(3x16g)____ x 100 = 39.2%

(39.1g + 35.5g + (3x16g)

.392 x (28.59g - 26.40g) = .859g


The % composition by mass of oxygen in Potassium Chlorate was found to be 43.4%.

The error analysis ~ _ç.

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859g - 0.95gç x 100 = 10.6%


The error analysis was found by calculating the theoretical percent composition using the theoretical mass of oxygen and potassium chlorate. That percent was multiplied by the mass of KClO3 used in the experiment to find the theoretical mass of oxygen. The theoretical mass of oxygen was used with the experimental mass of oxygen to calculate the error analysis. MnO2 was used in this experiment as a catalyst. During the cooling period the cover of the crucible was removed which could have affected the final mass of the crucible, cover, KClO3 and MnO2 because some of the compound could have fallen off the cover and onto the lab table. The data could then be inaccurate. Next time the cover should be kept on until after the final measurement of mass is taken.

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