George Orwell's Animal Farm

George Orwell's Animal Farm

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In George Orwell's novel Animal Farm he writes a fairy tale with a meaning. In other words, it is about a bunch of animals living on a farm that decide to rebel against all humans starting with running their owner off by attack. This is compared to the Russian Revolution which is what I will be talking about in the paper. I will state which animal played which role and compare the animal to the person for whom they portray.

The book starts off with hopes of an empire where everyone is equal and the unfair unjust leader is thrown out. Then it moves on to where some animals are smarter than others and claim more power than they rightfully deserve. And by the end those animals took over like they were the original leaders from the start leading to mayhem.

Pigs are the ranking animals on the farm starting with Old Major, or Lenin, who starts by gathering all of the animals on the farm late at night for a meeting. Old Major was an ideologist who came up with an idea of this great government where all of the animals were equal and all of the humans, or the czars, where to be ran out, but was not able to live his dream. So he relied on his "comrades" to come threw and get everything organized to make this revolution possible. First was Snowball, Snowball was the Trotsky who completely believed in everything Old Major had to say and wanted to live up to it one hundred percent. Or, you can compare it to Lenin and Trotsky, when Lenin died Trotsky wanted to continue everything he did. Which leads up to Napoleon, Napoleon was another animal who appeared to be interested in what Old Major had in mind but ended up being selfish and greedy. Napoleon and Snowball would debate over the decisions that had to be made but eventually Napoleon grew sick of that and decided he can make the decisions by himself, leading him to turn on Snowball and spread lies about him forcing him to be kicked out of the farm and having all of the animals against him. This is compared to Trotsky and Stalin, Stalin did the same thing to Trotsky which forced him into hiding in Mexico which would soon lead to his assassination (class video, 9-23).

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Napoleon, and Stalin for that matter, ruined any chance of a fair and equal government and ended up forming a dictatorship. Then came the final pig, Squealer, who was not a big decision maker but acted more like the controlled media, Russian government or propaganda. He was always the one to speak to the crowd and tell them anything they wanted to hear, even if it had to be lies. The bad part is everyone always listened to him and he always listened to Napoleon, so Napoleon controlled everyone's thoughts as well.

All of the other animals were more on the working class than leadership, but can still relate to those in leadership, meaning some were lazy and some were hard working. First was Molly, Molly was the type that didn't do much, all that she really cared about was eating and looking pretty, she really didn't have any ambition to follow through with the plan. The best to describe her is as the petty bourgeois. Then there was the cat who was as lazy as can possibly be. Every time work had to be done the cat would disappear and show up again when it was done or it was time to eat. Then there was the hens and chickens who really couldn't do
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All of these animals were very different but shared one flaw, they were all too weak to stand up for themselves. The reason for this was because they let Napoleon take over without any fight, and without thinking about the kind of person, or animal, he was. It's hard to tell if it was because they were too weak, too scared, or just not intelligent enough to understand what was going on. Same thing occurs for Russia when Stalin took over, no one would ever stand up to him which meant his power just kept growing and there couldn't have been a thing to do. So I guess there is a good moral to the novel other than representing a part of history, stand up for what you believe in, not what others do.
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