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The Us Constitution

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In February of 1787, the Continental Congress met in Philadelphia to revise or replace the Articles of Confederation. This revision was necessary to fix the problems the newly independent states were having. Fifty five delegates attended the convention such as James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, and Roger Sherman. These delegates included the two schools of jurisdiction, compact and contract, into the Constitution to help make it one of the most important documents ever written.

A compact school of jurisprudence is a tightly bound set of laws by which a society lives by. It is sacred and not changeable because it comes from God and the guidance of the Holy Scripture. An example of one such compact is the Mayflower Compact of 1620. This was the government that the Pilgrims set up and lived by when they arrived at Plymouth Massachusetts. This compact helped to set way for some of the beliefs in the Constitution. It provided the document with the sense that government is a form of a covenant between the people that must not be broken. The Compact also brought the idea of self government and democracy

In a contract school of jurisdiction, the powers exercised by government are derived from the people. It is an agreement that requires negotiations between two or more parties in which the terms are written down. Lawyers are necessary in order to make the contract authorized. Unlike a compact, the laws are secular and open to change. The Constitution was just that. It was negotiated between the delegates at the convention. The social contract is also expressed in the constitution. Natural rights, which include the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, are stated in the Constitution under Amendment number one. This Amendment gives citizens the right to speech, religion, and to assemble.

The Magna Carta is an example of a contract that helped build the Constitution. It was a contract between the King and the people that listed the rights of the Englishmen. The Magna Carta created what we now call "popular sovereignty." Back then it gave the barons a veto over the king.

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Now we have set up three branches of government in which one can overrule the other. The Magna Carta also helped to set up the principles such as no taxation without representation and the right to a fair trial.

The Constitution was written by tying together ideas that influential people came up with in documents such as the Mayflower Compact and the Magna Carta. These two documents along with the contract and compact schools of Jurisprudence helped create the foundation of our government and the writing of the Constitution.

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