Welfare Reform

Welfare Reform

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The people that are on Welfare should be the only ones that need it. With this new proposal President Busch is cutting down those that are just sitting around soaking up the wealth. With the 70% more working after five years, the economy will go up, their respect will go up, and the those people with taxes will feel a little better knowing that their money is going to people who need it. The Welfare Reform is an excellent idea.

President Busch is putting a hold on the TANF funds. He is holding this money because the numbers on welfare have gone down by 56%, and at this time we don't need it. TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) was created in place of AFDC (Aid to Families with Dependent Children). Even the name gives those on Welfare the knowledge that it is only temporary and that those people on it can get off of it and help themselves and their families. He feels that we could use this money or other money to set up programs to educate the youth. He wants more people to practice abstinence and for more families to get married and stay married. As rewards to States with lower non-marital birth rates he gives bonus. Almost like a reward for a child who has done something good. It will give some people an initiative, but it won't stop all the pre-marital relations. Though this is a great and ideal proposition, it most likely will not happen over night. Even if it does it will be in very few increments. The Presidents proposal about marriage counseling, anti-gambling programs, conflict resolution, and drug rehabilitation can help. Since Parents and teachers are the best role models, if they can shape up themselves and their problems, they might just shape up America and its children. It can protect those spouses with partners with drug or gambling problems and also their children from bankruptcy, physical or verbal abuse

People don't support welfare because of those druggies on it trying to buy their goods. If people have to pay more, they won't support it. However, if they take the money out of the TANF, or any other overflowing welfare fund that is not being used and the taxes don't go up, it will be supported.

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. If the governments want to help those families, with single parents, they should provide day care for these families from the government. It would drop the crime rate, drugs, sex, teen pregnancies, alcohol abuse,and run away teens. With these reforms, children wouldn't be stuck watching gangs and drugs on TV they would be learning, playing, and socializing with other children. They would also be kept safe. If Mr. Busch wants to do anything he should start with a program that will show results, he should start with free daycare for those on welfare, and continue it, for a year after they are off, so that the parent, or parents can save money up for the following year so that they can continually send their children into a safe environment. President Busch could take the $300 million for parenting programs and $135 for abstinence education programs and take at least $245 and pay for the day care. He will see larger results if he does this

Part of the reform that I agree with is that job training or night school is counted as part of the five days of work. Two days a week the people on welfare can go to night school or job training, in order to gain a higher education. This allows members on welfare to get better than minimum wage jobs and gives them something for their kids and themselves to be proud of. Also if they job train and get better jobs, they can fulfill what Busch wants in five years and that is that seventy percent of people on welfare are working.

A good thing about the Presidents proposal is the immigration issue. We right now and since 1996 have been providing Immigrants with food stamps to ensure, that they have nutrition, but we however have kept our welfare to only our citizens. If he changes it, and gives aid to millions, it will not be supported. This prevents the taxes from going up and also a major flow of immigrants coming in to the country.

Busch's welfare program is helping millions. Although, he is asking for a lot like ideal propositions of two-family homes, abstinence before marriage, counseling that will save marriages, or stop drunks and gamblers from using all the money, it is a good plan. The idea of abstinence education and marriage counseling is a good ideal program, but not very realistic. The $435 million dollars that he is spending on these programs should be used for free day care provided by the government. If he used this for that, he would lower the use of drugs and alcohol, teen pregnancy, runaways, and violence. He would see a lot more results from this plan than from the other. The proposal of seventy percent on welfare working after five years is a great idea along with not adding or taking away from the funds. It ensures that whatever happens to the economy in the next few years, these people will be safe and cared for. Also the idea of working five days a week with two days for job training or night school, will help ensure better jobs for those on welfare.

This plan although it needs a few changes, is a great idea.
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