Female and Male Circumcision: a Personal Opinion

Female and Male Circumcision: a Personal Opinion

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Female and Male Circumcision:

A Personal Opinion

The term circumcision brings to mind many thoughts to many different people. To me it is a term that causes very unpleasant thoughts. I personally believe that any form of either male or female circumcision to be wrong when done to an

non-consenting child. If an adult wishes to have a circumcision done to themselves then as a consenting adult it is within an individual's rights to have this evasive and cruel procedure done to themselves. Otherwise, female and male circumcision is a procedure that is done only to meet a cultural norm.

Female circumcision to most people raised in a Western "civilized" nation is an unknown idea. It is a procedure that I personally know of no one who has had it done to them. To me this is a cruel and very anti-female procedure that is done to women who mainly live in poor, uneducated areal of this world that are very male dominated. Female circumcision does not benefit a woman in any way. All that it accomplishes is further degradation and mutilation of women. These procedures are done in most circumstances without any form of modern medical technology. For these female children who are subjected to this horrible procedure it must be a very traumatic experience. I am further appalled by the statement th was made that in some cases a women must be opened with a razor blade each time her husband has sexual intercourse with her and then she is sewed back up each time after intercourse. This is just a deplorable situation.

In support of this practice I will say that female circumcision is a tradition in many parts of this world. As outsiders it is very hard for us to tell people from other societies how to live and what practices to perform. But, female circumcision is a deplorable act that harms women and keeps women in subservient positions.

Male circumcision is much more accepted in our Western culture. Today, it has became a very common, almost universal practice, that is done to most male infants in the United States. Most parents allow this procedure to be performed on their male infants without knowing why it is being done. There is no real reason for this procedure to be done, other then it fulfills a cultural norm. The Jewish faith, though, does require it as part of their religious tradition. Male circumcision performs no necessary medical function.

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Personally, I have had to deal with our culture's emphasis on having a male infant circumcised at birth. When my son was born in 1989 the doctors and the nurses were very adamant that he be circumcised. Neither his father nor his grandfather were circumcised and found it to be an unnecessary procedure that no male infant needs. The hospital staff were not very nice about our decision and actually became very persistent. Finally, my father informed them that we were not Jewish and were not having a Jewish custom performed on this child. Today, my son is not circumcised and has never had any type of medical problems from not being circumcised.

I believe that male circumcision has become a cultural norm in our society that is accepted for no other reason then that it has become a routine procedure done at birth to all most all male infants. To me male circumcision is as wrong as female circumcision.

Overall, I find both female and male circumcision to be unnecessary procedures that are done mostly on non-consenting children and infants. These procedures on the most part are not medically necessary and are only done to fulfill a culture's norms and expectations of what a male or female genitals should look like. I personally am against any type of surgery that does not result in some type of medical benefit being done on children and infants. These procedures of female and male circumcisions should be condemned by all and every effort should be made to educate people on the unnecessariness of these terrible procedures. It bothers me that our Western culture has condemned female circumcision but fully supports male circumcision. To me both are wrong and unnecessary.
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