Linguistic Internationalization

Linguistic Internationalization

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Capitalism has been around for some time, and globalization is becoming part of the world. People need to learn different languages to communicate with business from other nations. Esperanto is an easy-to-learn language than can be used to make business with international organizations, and solve the linguistic Issue of learning different languages.

Our world is crowded by different languages, some of which have a minimum difference between them and others which are extremely different. Some languages are based on Latin and Greek Words. Spanish and Portuguese differ in the pronunciation and some words that are changed but still mean the same thing both Spanish and Portuguese. A Spanish speaker can learn Portuguese in less than two months. Spanish and Japanese are extremely different, and Japanese is hard to learn. But why bother learning different languages just to express yourself with other people? The world would be different if everybody knew the same language. Shy people would not be scared to travel, as they would not be afraid to speak a wrong sentence. Dumb and lazy people would not have to waste their time trying to learn other languages. Everyone would understand everyone!

But what kind of a world would it be? What makes the world so beautiful and interesting are its differences. The excitement of knowing different things is what makes the world go round. A linguistics teacher once told me: "To truly learn about the people and their culture, first learn their language." People express themselves differently, basing their emotions on the vast words that their languages have. Jokes are also language-based on the culture and its language from precedence.

Having Esperanto as an international language is good because it helps save time and money when you want to visit other places in the world, but what makes the world round is its diversity. You will save money on languages schools, personal translators and dictionaries. Everyone will feel alike as they all will be united by Esperanto. But the world is good as it is now; its richness in content is what makes it interesting. Even though the idea of Esperanto's creator for it being a second language, globalization will make its move and place it as the maternal language, which has already happened to some small towns in Europe.

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The world would be a dull place to live in because everything will feel common, without its mojo that is assortment.

I think the world will collapse to a depression when linguistics globalization occurs. Despite the fact that Esperanto will greatly boost economic growth and more international trade occur, it would surely replace maternal languages, despite its objectives, as it would be easier to use and learn. I know I would not understand most of the cultures' jokes, but I do know I will be enjoying the pleasure and excitement of learning different languages.

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