Descriptive Analysis of Team Teaching in Two Elementary Classrooms

Descriptive Analysis of Team Teaching in Two Elementary Classrooms

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In the article, "Descriptive Analysis of Team Teaching in Two Elementary Classrooms: A Formative Experimental Approach," Marshall Welch discussed the results of conducting formative and summative evaluations in two classrooms that were being team taught by a regular and a special education teacher. Welch (2000) characterizes team teaching as "taking turns in leading a discussion or having the two teachers play roles in a demonstration." The assessments included the results of student performance in reading and spelling as well as teaching procedures and overall teacher satisfaction. Planning and formats of the team teaching as well as data and results were recorded in weekly teacher logs. All four teachers were properly trained using the team teaching approach. In both schools, both teachers taught direct instruction. Posttest mean scores were higher than pretest mean scores for reading and spelling in both schools. Even the learning disabled students improved; however, not a significant difference. Although there is need for more research on this topic, all four of the teachers in these schools will continue to team-teach because they perceive this approach as being beneficial to all students.

I have always been interested in the team teaching approach. In fact, I will be team teaching with my school's ESOL teacher two afternoons per week this coming year. We are going to plan some activities that will include the whole class and not just the four Latinos that will be in my class. The other three afternoons, the Latinos will be pulled out and worked with in a small group. Since my school is trying inclusion this year, I would love to have the experience of team teaching with our resource teacher.

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I feel that team teaching gives students the best of both worlds. It gives each child more individual attention since it reduces student/teacher ratio, it helps serve those borderline students who do not qualify for special education, and the students who do have learning disabilities are not isolated from their peers.

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