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Business Letter of Reference

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October 11, 2014

2987 Strawberry Lane
Suite 1555
Somewhere, ST 01234

To Whom It May Concern:

RE: Customer Reference - Cool Arts Inc.

I have been asked to write this letter of reference because our company will no longer be operating its printing plant that has served Cool Arts Inc. for more than two decades.

Cool Arts has been one of our top customers for the past 22 years. Accordingly, I have no hesitation in recommending them as a company with which to do business.

In addition to doing business with his company for many years, I have known the president and founder of Cool Arts, Pablo Picasso, for over 25 years. We were classmates and teammates at Somewhere University in the mid 1970s. Knowing him for so long I am quite comfortable in vouching for him as a great individual as well as a concerned and active citizen in this community.

As far as a company to do business with, Cool Arts Inc. is one of the best that we have ever dealt with. Its practice has always been to pay our printing invoices within the 30-day time limit. We did significant amounts of business, especially during the past 8 years, and I cannot recall a late-payment situation involving the company. Billing disputes were rare, and those only required some minor additional documentation for clarification and resolution.

Cool Arts was one of the best companies that I have ever dealt with from a change-order and work scheduling perspective. We maintained close communication with the company's production people and they always kept us apprised of their upcoming workload. Thus, scheduling jobs on our presses was never a problem.

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In addition, Cool Arts' graphics people always provided us with high quality finished artwork, and it was unusual for additional changes to be made after the plates had been produced.

Based on our experience, any printing company should be very pleased to be the one that Cool Arts selects to do business with once we have closed our doors.


Steve Smith
President and CEO

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