Business Complaint Letter

Business Complaint Letter

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1234 Orange Street
Smallville, OH 01234

July 1, 2005

Mr. Steve Smith
National Manager, Customer Service
En Corporation
Cool Building, Suite 222
111 Fountain Drive
Happy, NH 98765

RE: EnCorp Credit Card: 111 222 333 4 555XX

I had been an EnCorp credit card holder for the previous twelve years. Before that, I was a Rose card-holder for over 22 years. I seem to recall that when EnCorp took over/bought out Rose nine years ago, the switch of companies and credit cards was handled smoothly and seamlessly. I wish the same was the case eleven years later when EnCorp recently transferred its credit card operations to NHBank.

I was aware of the impending changeover to NHBank a couple of months before it happened. I had received a notice in the mail of the planned change, and it had been discussed at my local EnCorp station when I paid for my gas (with my EnCorp credit card). More than once, I inquired, and was assured that I would receive a new credit card in the mail before the April 1st deadline. Unfortunately, that did not happen. April 1st came and went, without receiving a replacement card, or even an application for a new one. Apparently, I'm the only one that did not receive a replacement card.

After realizing that I was without a gas credit card, after 27 years with one, I called a couple of your 1-800 numbers and I was advised that I would have to re-apply for a credit card with EnCorp via the NHBank. I requested an application and one was sent. It appears to be the same kind of application that someone fills out after walking in off the street. The fact that I had been a credit card-holder with EnCorp (and its predecessor Rose before that) for some 25 years in total, did not seem to matter to you, or your friends at the NHBank.

It is hard to believe that companies are still doing business this way in the year 2005. Have you (or your colleagues at NHBank) ever heard of MVC (Most Valuable Customer)? Just in case you aren't familiar with this approach, the MVC is the customer that you already have (i.e. me). Normally, these are the customers you do not want to lose and try not to lose. After all, research has revealed that it will cost you six times as much to find a new customer as it does to keep an existing one (i.

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e. me). What about current "customer-centric" concepts such as One-to-One marketing? Have you ever heard of customer relationships management (CRM)?

About four years ago America's Hardware transferred its credit card management program to Master Card and it was absolutely transparent to America's Hardware card-holders who simply received a replacement Master Card before the American card expired. Maybe you should have consulted those companies.

In closing, would you please advise me as soon as possible if EnCorp (now via NHBank) is still interested in doing business with me, or if what has happened here is your not so subtle way of telling me to do my gas business elsewhere.


John Smith, M.B.A.
President/Owner, Financial Business Solutions Inc.
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