Graduation Speech: Thanks for the Good Times

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Hello classmates of 2012. It is almost time for us to depart from one another. We will go our own ways and achieve our goals very soon, but before we go, I would like to share some memories with everyone. I have attended Tates Creek High School (TC) for two years. And during those two years, I have learned a lot from the school staff and from my peers. They all have taught me something new. This is what makes them so awesome.

The school is small and so diverse that it makes it easier to meet everyone. It took me seven years in elementary school to get to know just about everyone, but at TC, I knew just about everyone in less than a year. The students are kind and very helpful. They help each other with assignments and help one another with catching up on homework when they have missed school. The staff here at TC are great. They help the students with questions on homework assignments and on just about anything. They are also here to listen to us and when we need someone to talk to, we can go talk to any one of them and they'll be there to help.

We receive a lot of homework everyday, but it's no big deal. With many homework assignments, I am not able to slack off. I have to finish all of my assignmanets for one reason, and that reason is to not get any incomplete stamps. The homework load keeps me busy and keeps me from doing bad things that a lot of other middle school children are doing. There are nights where I have very little time or no time at all for fun, except for the weekends. On some days of the week, I have to do things after school. TC has set up enrichment classes for the students to do homework. I usually sign up for homework jumpstart, that way, I am able to get a jump start on my homework. The enrichment class helps me a lot, that way I'll have time to go do other things after school.

TC has high standards for education. The staff here, at TC wants all of their students to be successful people in the future. They want what's best for us that's why they push us to try our best in everything we do. Our Basic Standard Testing scores are very high.

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..even higher than the states! The scores are high because we have dedicated teachers who are willing to take their time to help us out and the students for taking the tests seriously because I'm sure everyone's goal is to pass these tests. I would like to thank all of the TC staff members for their help and for helping me be the person I am today.

It is time for me to wrap this up... But before I go, I just want to thank everyone for helping me in all I did and for being such great people. I had a great time here at TC. One advice I want to give to the rest of the students behind, complete all your assignments or you'll be no where in life, and remeember, when a teacher says something to you, listen for it'll take you somewhere. Just don't think that they're punishing you because they aren't. They just want what's best for you. Well, I wish you all good luck, and for the graduation class, we've had good times and bad, but thanks for sharing your two years with me. Good luck to you guys and hope to see you all in the future. Thanks again.

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