Graduation Speech: Strive to Succeed

Graduation Speech: Strive to Succeed

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This is it. In less than five minutes we'll be done with high school But you know I've got to say something before we go.

When I moved here in eighth grade my plan was to go back to live with my Dad in Washougal to be with my friends that I had for ages. But I stayed, I got to know you guys, and heard stories about you and your life-long friends. And I even got implanted in some of your memories. Actually, in this year cheerleader ... who was it, oh Jason Jons wrote something proving this in my yearbook. This is what he wrote, "There's too much to be said here man. We've been friends sine 7th GRADE. (Eyebrows and smile.) Remember those times," apparently not, "with the bass rebels." Now Jason who are they? Something along the lines of Desperado. Then he continues to tell me how I shouldn't anything especially that which I've never experienced. But along with all the stories and memories, I learned so much more from all of you. Burke you taught me how to work hard and work with confidence, and for those that know Burke they know that confidence is not something he is in short supply of. And Josh you proved that white guys can bust a move. Kira showed that a smile with a laugh can move a mountain, and Randy like Einstein you have displayed that all geniuses have messed up hair dos. I mean really, one day he comes up to me pulls out a lock of hair and cuts it off with a pair of scissors and said, "Christian, you can't tell where it came from." And I didn't say it then, but I really couldn't. However, ladies and gentlemen, parents, faculty, and administration the observation that is most prevalent about this class, the thing that I have learned the most from the, is that hope is something that only dies when you give up, and it is something that will never dies in this group of people. I don't think I need to mention how many times this class, in spite of its numerous accomplishments, has emotionally hit rock bottom. But these graduates here tonight, the people that I am honored to call my class with aide of each other pick themselves up, smile, and know that tomorrow is coming with a promise, a promise that if we do not relent we will succeed.

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And as tonight as we leave we will no longer be able to see that hope in each other as we have in the past twelve years. But it is not gone and it will never leave us. This imprint of hope is the lasting impression that will be intertwined with all the memories of the past. And remember, when we do not have each other we will have this hope. Tonight to all people watch in the gym, PC or at home on the Internet in closing I want to say, what I know all you already know. These graduates are all special people whom I've been blessed to be associated with, and they will not only cease to fail, but strive to succeed. I don't know much about the world, but I know by the time I'm old the world will know the Loveland Graduating Class of 2012.

So, Class of 2012, if you will be stand. Now classmates if you will please turn your tassels. Family, community, world, it is with great honor that I present to you the graduated class of 2012.
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