Graduation Speech: Be Proud of Your Accomplishments

Graduation Speech: Be Proud of Your Accomplishments

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So many of us have come to ZAHS as a last resort, not fitting in at other schools or we were feeling that regular school wasn't working for us. We have found MAHS is somewhere we wished we had found in the first place. It is a place where you do fit in because people who originally didn't have anything in common share this one place. It is our home away from home. It brings all of us together with all of our diversities to be welcomed and accepted. Our love and belief in our school continues to show time after time whether it is a fund raiser, our test scores, or even when students return who once gave up on finishing school.

When I first came to MAHS I was pretty nervous and overwhelmed with my life. I was a new mother at a new school around new people with so many new responsibilities. At that time I didn't realize how overwhelmed I was until I burst into tears on my first day. From that day on I found great friends and teachers who have loved me and supported me every day.

This school has made me realize my potential in life. Graduating for me is a great but unsure feeling; but I know everyone here has a great future ahead of them. If we lose our way, we'll just come back - TEACHERS, COUNT ON IT.

I have some mainly good memories of our school. Like, I will always remember all of our daycare madness, all of Larry's announcements that never seemed to come out quite right. All of Mr. Lewis' large-group math trivia assignments that I could never quite figure out. I can't imagine why NOT.

I'll remember all of the guys who, no matter what time of the day, always found time to be outside playing basketball. I will remember our FCCLA trip to Wenatchee where we stayed in an under-construction hotel with a dirt swimming pool! It was alternative, but so were we. We learned to be proud of our uniqueness and our achievements.

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All of you should be very proud of your accomplishments today. It might not seem like such a big deal right now, but by graduating, you've eliminated any regrets you would have had if you had chosen not to graduate.

Today we begin to follow our dreams because in the end all we have are our memories. I'm going to miss school, the teachers, and all of you. Congratulations to our class of 2012.
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