Graduation Speech: Celebrate Your Unique Qualities

Graduation Speech: Celebrate Your Unique Qualities

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Welcome to all of you who have come to share this special evening with us. My name is John and I am a member of the graduating class of 2012. Standing here tonight is a surprise to me and to many who knew me. At one point, after making some mistakes and losing my sense of self, I dropped out of school. With my parents’ urging me, I enrolled at Alternative High School. I came to this school with the hope that I’d graduate on time. I knew that I would have to change, so I set goals to achieve perfection and I achieved it. As many of you may know, I am now perfect in every way, shape, and form...

Yeah, right. What is true is that I had dropped out of school, was way behind my peers and enrolled at Alternative. I also worked to change my behavior. I’m still working at it.

During the time that I have been at this school, I have had the pleasure of meeting many seniors, as well as other students, that were talented and often possessed wisdom beyond their years. Many have survived hardships in their lives that have developed their individuality and inner strength. Some are teen parents. Some have lost parents. Some live with lifelong illnesses. Some had families that moved constantly. Some felt different from their peers. They were artists, rebels and truth-seekers. All of them were ones who chose to walk to the beat of a different drum and found a way to follow their dreams at Bunny Alternatives.

Alternative High School is a school that lifts us up and celebrates our unique qualities. We have had a channel for our voices — voices that may have been drowned out in the other crowded schools from which we came. For helping us find our strengths and our voice, we have a great number of people to thank. First, we need to appreciate the value placed on public education by the people of our country and most especially by the people of this district. Second, we need to thank the entire staff of Bunny Alternatives for encouraging us, standing by us and strengthening our skills to get us to this point in our lives. Above all, we, the Class of 2012, would like to thank our parents, mentors and friends for putting up with us during all the awkwardness of our growing up.

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Personally, I would like to thank God, for there are times that I thought I might never be graduating and He never left my side.

As some of you may know, I have a passion for baseball. I have played on many teams. This senior class has been one of the best teams I have ever been a part of. We all worked together and supported each other, even through the struggles of Culminating Exhibitions. However, some of our hardest games lie in front of us. We know now that we can meet the challenge of the game of independence with the skills that we have acquired through our education, the teamwork that we learned working on our projects and the determination we discovered in ourselves that will lead us to reach our goals.

We, the Class of 2012, are ready in every way, to charge onto the playing field of life. We can strike out any opposing side with three straight pitches: determination, high standards, and teamwork. We are prepared to graduate and are grateful to all of you for being here to celebrate with us tonight. Again I say, we are the graduating Class of 2012!
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