Graduation Speech: The Future is Bright

Graduation Speech: The Future is Bright

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Our most distinguished guests, beloved parents, members of the faculty of County High School, fellow members of the graduating class, ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon.
Four years ago, a new high school was established in the County area. Its establishment created mixed feelings. and expectations from the community. Questions such as: What kind of a high school could this be? Would this be able to uphold academic excellence as well as social and cultural values which most parents would like their children to internalize and live with? Would this be able to provide for the well-balanced development of a child's intellectual and artistic faculties? Would this institution be able to turn out students who could be responsible leaders, and patriotic citizens of the United States of America; citizens who could uphold the ideology many Americans had fought and died for?

My fellow members of the class of 2012, after four years of being nurtured under the wings of that institution which is no other than our beloved Alma Mater of County High School, it is with pride and privilege that I say "Yes," rather, we say "Yes" -- County High School has met the community's expectations on the quality of graduates it could yield. We, the members of the class of 2012, are the epitome of what County High School is as training grounds for young adults and future leaders of our community and of our country. Our achievements as students in the last four years all attest to this legitimate claim.

Yes, we are the proud graduates of County High School and to all my fellow graduates, please accept my warmest greetings on this momentous day.

Next week's commencement exercises will mark the realization of our high school dreams and achievements, the dawning of new challenges and opportunities to pursue college education, and setting the vision for our own professional development. Equally deserving, I would also like to congratulate and express our heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to our parents, teachers and administrators, with whom we proudly share our achievements and our joys. This diploma is our gift to you who have cooperatively worked together to see us through four years at Washington High School. To our parents, your immense love and support had provided us with strength and determination to go on when in our youth we did not know which road to take; we could not discern what was appropriate and not; in those critical moments of indecision, you were always there to offer the best for us; in our painful moments of loss as well as our hard fought victories you were there to encourage and protect us.

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And above all, I would like to acknowledge the good Lord up there who is the giver of all our talents.

Lastly, on this significant day, I ardently wish each, and every member of the graduating class that as we leave the portals of our Alma Mater, let us bring with us the wisdom and distinction it had nurtured us with, as we blaze new trails ahead. The future is bright for everyone. The challenges are numerous but facing and accepting them is not always without difficulty. However, with what we are now, with the excellent training Washington High School has provided us with, now I can confidently say, like a true Knight on the battlefield: Onward Class of 2012! Yes we are now ready to conquer the new world ahead of us.

Washington High School, teachers and administrators, classmates and friends, this is not a farewell but a "So long," for as long as you and I exist we will always remain as your loyal sons, daughters and members of the Graduating Class of 2012.

Thank you and I wish you all the very best!
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