Graduation Speech: A Great Time to Be a Graduate

Graduation Speech: A Great Time to Be a Graduate

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Ladies and Gentlemen we are assembled here this evening to celebrate the graduation of the Community College Class of 2012. With this celebration comes many distinctions, honors and legacies.

This is a great time to be a graduate of Community College, because we are a group of students who are graduating with high grade point averages, leadership skills, overall talent, plus we are leaving behind much to be admired by future classes. Our class is also a very diverse and dedicated one. As if being a student alone was not a difficult task, many of our classmates hold jobs outside of school, are active in their communities as coaches, volunteers, athletes and leaders, and many have families to take care of.

Our class has much to be excited about, many positive changes have come to our school because of the efforts of those in our class. We have held many amazing programs the past two years and especially this year. We have had several nationally known speakers and leaders visit our campus to inform us about local, national and international events. They have also come to our campus to see what has been going on here in Loyville and how they can use our models to aid other programs. We have had such speakers as civil rights activist Dick Gregory, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., local screen writer and producer Sherman Alexie, Gov. Gary Locke and U.S. Sen. Patty Murray. These past two years have also seen the addition in artwork here as well. Several new paintings and other hangings have been presented to the college, such as Dallas M. "Gray Eagle" Singhurst II's "Yu 'Pik fur seal mask" and the "Loyville Community College History Mural" painted by Bernie Webber. These artworks not only add to the campus but explain the history of the college and our community. There have been additions to school programs as well, including a women's soccer program, high school First Reach program designed to encourage local high school students to come to EvCC, a health and wellness series, and even a college rowing club designed to help students "catch the spirit of rowing."

Members of the class of '99 and guests, I hold in my hand for you a special gift, from the classrooms of EvCC comes tonight's Top 10 List. These are the top 10 reasons to be proud to be part of the graduating class of 1999:


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No more mile-long lines in the book store.

9. Friendships that cannot be broken and will last a lifetime.

8. If you transfer, you don't have to worry about class sizes comparable to the entire population of Texas.

7. We are the dedicating class of the Instructional Technologies Center Building, leaving it as a gift from the classes of this millennium to those of the next.

6. We have held and created some amazing programs that will be hard to beat.

5. We were able to see the Henry M. Jackson Memorial dedicated.

4. We're skipping right to number three.

3. Our class will be more flexible and capable when it comes to smooth career changes because of our diverse background in studies.

2. Menu choice: vending machines or cafeteria food?

1. And the number one reason to be excited about being part of the class of '99: no more parking hassles!

As I look around this evening I see many people here who have put in many hours of studying, working and being people outside of school. A lot of effort has been put in by everyone. This class is made up of students from all different ages and races, we are a diverse class that now has the skills to move into the next millennium. To those who have supported this class, on behalf of our class, I thank you. To the class of 1999, your hard work has paid off and you now hold many things that cannot be taken away from you, and one of these is your diploma. Congratulations on work well done.
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