Vouchers and School Choice - Opportunity for Success

Vouchers and School Choice - Opportunity for Success

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School Choice: Opportunity for Success

For some parents, education is highly valued and they can afford high tuition, so they send their children to the private school. Other parents spend more money to move into a community where has good schools. We can call the situations stated above "school choice". However, what we talk here is not the "school choice"; there is another kind of school choice, which all parents can make and do not need to spend more money to move into another community.

Generally speaking, children from the high SES family have better opportunities to get appropriate education and succeed in the society. On the other hand, children from the low SES family often face many difficulties in the educational process because of the financial problem and might get less support from their families. Therefore, in my opinion, this is the group that the government need to take care of. We need to provide children from the low SES family with opportunities as much as possible to help them succeed in the school and the society. One of the opportunities we can provide for those children is school choice.

Some people argue that they pay high tax to provide quality education for their children, and others do not have the right to share with it. If we follow the system thinking, this belief is a fallacy because we can not separate one from others in a system. In the long run, school choice can create success for children from the low SES family. In other words, if we can help those children succeed in the school and society, they will produce less problems to the society, and we can build up a better environment for everyone. Furthermore, though people pay high tax, they still share the limited resources of the society and the country; they do not pay all what they should pay.

There are the rich and poor in the society, and it somehow creates positive and negative cycles. That is, the rich can get better education and have good opportunities to succeed in the society.

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On the contrary, there is lack of support for the poor in the educational process, and it might lead to their failure in the society. What we could do is to break the negative cycles and start a positive cycle for the low SES family. In some cases, school choice does provide such an opportunity for parents and children to start their success in the school and society.
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