The Difficulty of Teaching English

The Difficulty of Teaching English

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The Difficulty of Teaching English

     “I decided to become a teacher because I thought that I could do it better then my teachers did. I quickly learned that teaching isn’t as easy as I thought it would be.” Dr. Proser quickly learned that teaching English would be as easy as he thought it may have been. He may be a better teacher then his were, many CHS students would agree, but also found out that why it was so hard to teach English. There are many reasons why teaching English is difficult. First and major reason is the constant changing, and new words that are being brought into the language. While many of these words that are being are classified as slang, these words may become more and more common. In addition, many of the forms of languages that were used in the writing that students read are no longer used. Also, the change in styles of writing which have occurred make it hard for any student to completely understand what each writer is trying to say.

Thousands of new words are brought into the English language each year. Just a few examples are dude, chic, cool, homes, and tubular. “Dude was brought into by many of the hippies of the sixty’s. Dude has many means, a person who someone is referring to can be taken into contexts as awesome.” When many people refer to a chic, they are no longer talking about a baby chicken, but a female who is found somewhat attractive. This word also becomes very popular during the sixties. Homes and tubular is probably the most recent of slang words. Homes is mostly used by gang-bangers and blacks of the southern area. When people say homes they are referring to one of their male friends. Not just a friend, but a male friend who would fight for the person. Tubular is just a new word for awesome or cool. It means really sweet (high quality of awesome) or awesome. In addition, words are used with a different context then before. Many new words are created this in America. The words sweet and fine have taken some of the largest changes in context of words. “Sweet no longer means have a sugar taste or pleasing to the senses.” If one was to ask a teenage what sweet meant to them, they would probably tell “really nice or awesome.” “The word fine has also completely change in context.

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If one asked a teenager what fine meant they mostly would tell you that it meant really cute or handsome; pretty if it was a guy was referring to a girl.”

     Another reason for such difficulty is language that is used in many of the stories that students are required to read. For example, Julius Caesar is required to be read by all students by the time that they are in eleventh grade. Many students find it hard to understand because the language that Shakespeare wrote in is completely different from that of today. Words such as shalt and thou is not commonly heard among teenagers, or even elders anymore. With students constantly hearing these words and being forced to understand them, Shakespearean plays and novels actually become obsolete. Another example is Beowulf and Canterbury Tales. Students have so little knowledge of what is being taught to them that it takes months for a teacher to get an entire class through one Shakespearean book. Teachers having to constantly having to stop and explain what the author is saying. This is true all the way through the twelfth grade.

It becomes even hard to teach a student these books when they are not in class. If a student starts to fall behind it is ten times hard to try to get them caught back up, because a teacher can not stop an entire class’s progress just to try to get one student caught up. SO, that student that missed a day is reading farther ahead then that student already is, and gets lost in the story.

The next major reason it is difficult to teach English is there have been so many different types of styles of writing throughout history, that there is no way only six year of schooling can go through all of them. The style of writing would change as the mood of society at the time would change. It would also change depending on the economic circumstances, and political rule. This also makes it more difficult because one school doesn’t cover any certain type of writing, then if a student transfers to a different school, they can fall even farther behind because they have not experienced this type of writing at all. Also, many students realize that because the style of language used in many of the stories that they read is obsolete, that they don’t really need to read that story; they realize that whether or not they have read that story most likely not effect whether or not that person get a job.

The largest reason it is difficult to teach English is that there are so many different types of English. American English alone is broken into almost one hundred different types. Just a few types are: Jersey English, East Coast English, West Coast English, Southern English, slang English, and Ebonics. With so many types of English, no teacher can teach all of them.

There are many reasons why English is hard to teach. “It has more variants then any other language in existence.”
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