Racism and Racial Profiling are Better than Political Correctness

Racism and Racial Profiling are Better than Political Correctness

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Racism and Racial Profiling are Preferred Over Political Correctness

I am beginning to detest political correctness! Perhaps I just
want to know how people really feel. It's not
that negative opinions don't hurt - of course they do. But I would take a
cross-burning-hate-spouting-hood-wearing Ku Klux Klan member over a
person who thought the same things, but never dared to express those
thoughts until sometime in the future when it could hurt me more (i.e.
job hiring). At least with the KKK member, I know what I am getting.

As a black female born and raised in the South, I have dealt with racism
and discrimination all of my life. But I expected (or hoped for) a
little more from our university.

Yet what is the first thing that happens when I come to campus? The
"ghetto party!" What followed were anger, discussions and learning. But
was anything really learned? Every year, there is another incident of
some kind: the "luau party," Jewish hate mail, vandalism on the door of
Asian students, and most recently, the incident at the fraternity, just to name a few.


So I have a new idea. If the university wants to strengthen community, it

does not need to just have discussions where people learn what not to

say or do. People need to feel the effects of their words and actions.

So I propose we build a machine that transforms the "offender" into the

"offended." Instead of hearing how their words and actions hurt someone

else, let them walk in that person's shoes.


Think you know someone who is racist? Put her in the machine and let her

know how it feels to be a person of color for a lifetime. As part of the

experience, she will be followed in stores as if she's about to steal

something. As a child, instead of having teachers help her in school,

they will write her off as a lost cause, label her a delinquent, or

prematurely put her in a special education class. Or when she does not

understand, people will act surprised and say, "Aren't all of you good

in math?" When people insult her race, her objections will be judged as

over-sensitivity (considered a common attribute of people like her). Her

success will be seen as a threat to others. When she tries to show pride

in or help others have pride in their race, she will be labeled

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"boastful." She will have to deal with being unjustly persecuted by

police and other authorities that are supposed to serve and protect

every citizen. In general, she can look forward to treatment as a

second-class citizen.


Think you know someone who is homophobic? Put him in the machine allow

him to experience what it feels like to have people judge him because of

something that isn't their business in the first place. When people

insult him for his sexual preference, his objections will be judged as

over-sensitivity (considered a common attribute of people like him). Due

to the behavior of stupid people, he will have to fear for his safety.

Once again, he can look forward to treatment as a second-class citizen.


Think you know someone who is sexist?  We will let him enter the machine

and become a member of the opposite sex. He will be told at a young age

that he doesn't understand because of his gender. He will be steered

away from certain interests by teachers or others because they think the

concepts are too hard for his sex. People may judge him more on his

looks than his abilities. Mistreatment will be justified for superficial

reasons like the way he dresses ("He was asking for it"). When people

insult his gender, his objections will be judged as over-sensitivity

(considered a common attribute of his sex). Success means people assume

he got there because of his looks or because he "slept his way to the

top." Due to the behavior of stupid people, he will have to fear for his

safety. And yes, you guessed it: he will also look forward to more

treatment as a second-class citizen.


My argument is not to say that the white, heterosexual male is the

ultimate oppressor.  Discrimination is perpetuated by all shapes and

sizes, shades and sexes. Nor do I believe that all Dartmouth students

are ignorant. The point is that I do not really think anything will

change until people are educated - meaning that stereotypes must be

dispelled and a true understanding of how physical or verbal insults

hurt others is gained. I do not like political correctness: nothing is

solved if you try to spare the feelings of others, but still think of

them in the same way.


I know the idea of a machine like the one I proposed is ludicrous. In

fact, I would hope no one would ever have to go through experiences like

the ones I have mentioned above. But discrimination against people who

are considered different is not "imaginary or perceived," as one

writer put it. I wish that people could try to understand why

there is anger when things like the "Ghetto" party or the "Scalp those

bitches" incidents happen. But deep down, in my cynical heart-of-hearts,

I doubt they will.


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