Language Settings and Social Classes in Blood Brothers

Language Settings and Social Classes in Blood Brothers

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Mickeys first line in the scene is "mother are you going to open the
bleeding door or what" he is only seven and is swearing already which
indicates that he could have had a rough upbringing and we already
know that the mother is not very well off. The mother replies
"Mickey?" questioning who it is Mickey then replies "whats up mam did
you think I was the rent man." the mother is obviously avoiding the
rent man due to financial struggle.

He explains how he has been playing cow boys and Indians which shows
he must not have many tows and has learnt to use his imagination. His
mother asks where had he been playing "not down the rough end I hope"
which shows she doesn't consider herself to be of a lower class. he
tells her he was up near the big houses she tells him how she doesn't
like him up there but she doesn't give him a reason he questions her
and she tells him to shut up which is a lower class word (lower
standard English) then they goon to talk about how his mum used to
work up there and she cuts the conversation short as if she doesn't
want to talk about it. Mickey then goes back out and starts to play
again then Mickey breaks in rhyme The poem is indicating that he wants
to be just like his brother he looks to him like the farther he never
had. The way he says the poem seems like he actually wants to be able
to spit in someone's eye form 20 yards he thinks its acceptable and it
seems like Sammy has been practicing. Sammy has a den which shows he
could be escaping the reality of his life. Sammy draws pornographic
pictures of ladies in the swimming pool which shows he is aware of sex
and the male and female anatomy. Mickey swears in the poem "bleeding"
again is the typical language because of his class and the area he is
living in. at the end he shoots an imaginary Sammy which could show
signs of jealousy or he could just be shooting Sammy as the
unfairness. The fact that in the poem Mickey mentions how Sammy is
allowed to play with matches and goes to bed late which shows that
there mother doesn't really have control over what her children do.
All the things Sammy did seemed acceptable by the young people in the
working class area.

Act 2 scene 2

Eddie approaches Mickey first in the scene confident and forth coming
and says "hellow" the w is elongating the vowel so he is using

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standard English in a posh accent and he is very comfortable to speak
to Mickey. Mickey suspiciously replies "hello"and they then go on to
discuss where they have seen each other before but both using a
different standard of English Mickey is talking very common and
missing out vowels and not using correct terms where as Eddie is
talking fluently and properly which shows there different upbringing
they both chat and Eddie asks Mickey if he can come and play by the
park again and he tells him he is not allowed and then Eddie tells him
that he is not allowed down here actually. Which we know the reason
why because neither of the women want there two sons together. Mickey
then says "give us a sweet" which is without manners but seems
acceptable to Mickey because of his class and upbringing and Eddie
says all right pulling out a large bag of sweets Mickey is shocked
Mickey again suspiciously takes one and examines it he asks for
another for " our Sammy" Eddie then says "take as many as you want
which shows he is well bought up and to be a gentleman the fact that
he has a large bag shows him to be better off than Mickey and Mickey
says how if "Our Sam does sometimes but you have to be dead careful
because he has usually weed on it first" Eddie finds this hilarious
and thinks it sounds like jolly good fun.

Mickey then goes on to describe all the swear words he knows and Eddie
is awed by them he then refers to the dictionary and Mickey does not
know what a dictionary is which is again because of there different
upbringings and different classes.

They then go on to tell each other their names and Mickey says
"Michael Johnston but you can call me Mickey whats yours?" Eddie
replays "Edward" so Mickey says ill call you Eddie replays NO! and
Mickey says "well I will".

Then when they have agreed to become best friends Mickey asks Eddie if
they want to be blood brothers which is a dramatic device used byway
Russell as they are really blood brothers they then go on to discuss
there age and discover they are born on the same day Mickeys mother
then calls him and Eddie replies "is that your mummy" which I not what
Mickey calls his "Mam" they walk over to Mickey house and Eddie
introduces himself showing him to be polite and have good manners and
Mickeys mother realizes that it is Eddie (Mickeys brother) and so
demands that he leave at once and asks if his mother knows he is down
here and tells him "never to come down here again or the bogy man will
get you" which was a myth at the time to scare lower class children
out of doing bad things at the time which is very different to the
higher class because they wouldn't of had to have been told to attach
out for him.

Willy Russell has used allot of dramatic devices throughout this story
and has made it clear that there was a difference between the lower
class and upper-class.
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